Anka "Anik" Ziegler

Anka Ziegler was born in East Germany and comes from a middle-class family. She had good results at school and then went on to the Kosmelik Technical School where she spent four years and qualified with a diploma as a medical technician. She was married and divorced twice but was unable to become pregnant as her children were stillborn. She lived in Switzerland for 4 years in a relationship with an influential man. In 1999 she moved to New York where a talent agency discovered her. She was good at sports but was unable to continue with her sporting activities, due to a “hit and run” accident. Before her accident Anika was always adventurous, happy and full of life. Her favourite activities include involvement in the Arts, Astrology, and she has great intellectual potential. She was an excellent dancer until the accident and has very good entertainment skills. She has a good head for business. Anka is a joyful popular person.