Elizabeth Rogers

The author Elizabeth Rogers was born in Herefordshire, U.K. in 1953. She was educated locally up to ‘A’ Level and then went on to do an Open University Degree. She worked for NHS Diagnostic Services for forty-five years.
Elizabeth and her husband are separated and she has a thirty-year-old son. She enjoys reading, gardening and quiz machines and can talk to anyone she meets with ease.
She started work at seventeen, was married at twenty-seven and had her son at the age of thirty-three. Elizabeth likes to keep her brain exercised and thus has continued with her studies throughout life, by means of the Open University. She is not too keen on physical activities or housework. She is fond of animals and is currently living in a pet free zone but she has a ‘vacancy’ for a dog with personality.
She has a sardonic sense of humour and has scant tolerance for foolish, phony people and institutions. This is her first book.