Georgie A. Jones

Georgie A. Jones was born in London to Welsh parents in 1950. After attending a then newly-founded comprehensive school in London, he trained as a primary school teacher. During his thirty-nine years in the profession, Jones wrote and directed many plays for children, all enthused with his trademark wry humour and rich use of vocabulary. Jones retired from teaching in 2014.

Alongside his love of words and interest in writing and staging plays for children, Georgie has also produced plays for adults, all stamped with his unique Welsh verve and wit.
His love of Wales and pride in his Welsh roots is reflected in his life-long interest in the London Welsh community, his love of choral singing and rugby. Jones also has a keen interest in the rich and fascinating history of London.

The Kid from the Future, the Boy from the Past, is his first published novel.
Georgie A. Jones, a pen name, is single and lives in South London.