John Dell

John Dell was born in Birmingham, England, before the Second World War.
When he left school he started a seven-year apprenticeship as a carpenter and joiner. In 1960 he served two years of National Service in the Royal Air Force, during which time he married wife Pauline, then returned to the same construction company and became a foreman carpenter. This lead to further education in construction management and land surveying at what is now known as Aston University in Birmingham.
He and Pauline have two sons, Carl and Paul, and one granddaughter, Julie.
He was always interested in sport, and became involved with the Stratford-upon-Avon Athletic Club in the eighties. John and Pauline both have a passion for travel, which lead to John acting on his love of running marathons in many other countries during his fifties. When he retired in 1999, John and Pauline decided to leave England and move to Menorca, Spain, where they still live today.