M.R. Reynolds

M.R. Reynolds was born in the 1950’s and raised in the heart of England. He proceeded to endure the rigours of the Catholic education system. Inspired by his parents and two influential teachers, he developed a love of literature, drama and music. M.R. studied the piano, the clarinet and wallowed in Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas, and Tolkien. He began to compose songs, write poetry and plays; something that he has not quite managed to give up. The author went to University in Manchester and trained as a teacher teaching Music, English and Drama. Forty years later, he retired. M.R. has written many plays and musicals for young people to perform, as yet unpublished. He began to write seriously in the latter years of his teaching and this now takes over most of his time. He still finds time to watch live music from a wide range of genres, from Classical to Goth and Metal, he also enjoys visiting his family, the theatre, and the cinema.