Thomas Kloevekorn & Walter Eckert

Thomas Kloevekorn, b. 1948, studied architecture at Hannover University, exercising the profession for 36 years. Over 40 years ago he was a member of the Spiritual Lodge Zurich and led the Hannover Circle as one of a team of three.

In 2011 he felt the desire to share his experience of the spiritual world with his fellow creatures. A central message of his is that no life is lived in vain and that each individual is responsible, through the exercise of free will, for the conduct of his or her own life.

Walter Eckert, b. 1941, is a trained decorator, was a director of his trade’s health insurance fund and also acted as a t’ai chi and qigong instructor at various educational institutions.

He has the gift of being able to act as a medium between the physical and spiritual worlds. He has delivered over 300 spiritual messages in the tradition of Christian Spiritualist doctrine, with a purity seldom to be found in the German-speaking countries.