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Heart-breaking Documentary Report

Anka "Anik" Ziegler

Heart-breaking Documentary Report

From a Goddess to a Cripple


Holocaust and horror in the Twenty-First Century in Naples, Florida!

Perverted sadism taken to the extreme, out of envy, greed, hate and an evil mind!

“I came as a goddess and left as a cripple!”

“Beauty was my weapon to survive as an empath in a world of predators!”

UNTHINKABLE brutal crimes done to a model, a sensual beauty and a talented noble sweetheart, with movie star looks and a body “to kill for”!

UNSCRUPULOUS “monster” in Naples, a ruthless criminal, a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” massacred my healthy luxuriant body and made me a needy target for evil!

Dear Mr. Riley,

My name is Anka Ziegler, alias “Anik” Ziegler. I am a genuine and sincere person, who believes in beauty and love and didn’t know that evil existed! Once I was The “action girl”, an entertainer, dancer, model, athlete, adventurer, a healthy, happy and free spirit; a magnet, who represented beauty, health, happiness and was in charge of her life! My inner voice and my sense of justice tells me, that you are a quality person, to whom I can send this folder with its HIGHLY SENSITIVE INFORMATION!
I talked to you before. I called you about ten months ago from East Germany. I trust you because you are a journalist from Naples, “Naples News”; the city where an unthinkable crime was done to me. I am a victim of brutally, cruel and corrupt organised crime; crime at the highest level, professionally covered up, to eliminate me and sell my healthy organs to people who would pay for them! To cripple me; put me in a wheelchair with an amputated leg, in case I might survive seven procedures under anaesthesia, in five months and seven butchered surgeries, including a cruel knee manipulation, without benefit of heparin or antibiotics, which resulted in a blood clot and a staph infection!
Please help me! Connect me to the right people and put this tragedy (story) with names in the “Naples News”- but please don’t mention my name. That would put me in danger again!
First, I a pedestrian, was run over by a lawyer; someone who is supposed to be trustworthy. He tried to get away with the ‘hit and run’. As a result, I suffered from a torn meniscus, an injury, which required minor surgery, an arthroscopy. Instead, I was severely injured, hurt, tortured and crippled for life.
On the subject of Influential people and authorities: I am sure that you the readers, all know about the “Charles Manson” in Naples; a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who lives in a five-Million-dollar mansion, who makes millions out of blood money, works as an orthopaedic surgeon and can get away with EVERYTHING! A sadistic, perverted, ruthless monster and master manipulator of his community! He is very well connected, even as depicted in Google! “Money talks!”
He permanently injured me, tortured me, sexually humiliated me and disfigured and crippled me for life. He left me a physical and emotional wreck, a needy target and a burden on my parents, the doctors, the hospitals, the doctors who performed operations on me and forced me to leave my country, the United States of America as a cripple! If I had not left the USA, I would not have risked being killed or sitting in a wheelchair with an amputated leg. I am still highly traumatised by pain and lasting damage to my body. I have not been compensated for the injuries I sustained. Instead, the opposite happened. I had to pay for it all!
It is unthinkable but true!
I have nightmares and I am still in shock. I want justice and the appropriate compensation for my disability, I am entitled to. I was married to an American citizen for eleven years and was crippled in Naples, Florida. I was deprived of my health, my independence, my wonderful life and a glorious future. My million dollar body was destroyed, as was my market value and my happiness.
For almost since six years, I merely “existed,” living in a situation that was beneath my dignity. I was like a prisoner, “buried alive”, in poverty and amongst people I didn’t belong with; after previously having been a fascinating, sophisticated and natural beauty with the looks of a movie star and a body like a siren. Thanks to “butcher” Thomas E. Perrell, I am now forced to live without money in East Germany; which is worse now than it was thirty years ago. I am dependent on the minimal amount paid by social welfare, and I am a burden on my parents.

This is how it started

I, Anka Ziegler alias “Anik” Ziegler filed for an uncontested divorce and moved from an eleven year abusive marriage to an American citizen, Martin Mathew Matulis, a narcissist and sociopath from New York, Manhattan to Naples, Florida to start a new life. Yes – my ex-husband, who shot himself on March 29, 2018, after doing bad things to me, stealing from me and worse!

Also, he filed me as a dependant on him for tax purposes, but refused to go with me to a green card interview. He only wanted to use me and keep me dependent on him. I got my green card for spousal abuse in 2014, right after I, a pedestrian was run over and massacred, tortured and crippled for life by an evil, sadistic, ruthless criminal, an orthopaedic surgeon in Naples.

I had moved to Naples on my own, without having any friends or family there, which was nothing unusual for me; an adventurous spirit. I put myself out there in the dating world, to find a potential love connection. I was looking for “Prince Charming”, a fun, interesting, adventurous, a person of good character with values. Using the name “Anastasia” I put my profile out with impressive pictures of me, “movie star look alike” and placed it on a dating website.
I was a sensual beauty with glamorous looks and a sculptured body, for which I had worked very hard for.
My phone was ringing “off the hook!” It was very disturbing!
I got at least sixty calls a day, from men like lawyers, judges, prosecutors, police chiefs, surgeons, geeks, most of whom were married! Everybody wanted to have a piece of me, the new “sensation” in Naples, like I was an aphrodisiac to them, a Viagra for the impotent! but I was looking for quality, not quantity!
I was not a service, or “Mother Theresa” and some men refused to take “no” for an answer.
A married lawyer, extreme unsympathetic even threatened me, saying if I wouldn’t have “fun” with him, he would give me problems, call the police on me, restrict me from posting on the dating site and other media, and he would know who I was and where I was!

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