The Best Recovery

The Best Recovery

Abdirisak Mohamed Hussein

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Format: 13.5 X 21.5 cm
Number of Pages: 208
ISBN: 978-3-99131-492-9
Release Date: 06.12.2022
The Best Recovery illustrates the reality of the hardships and difficulties that the Somali people face with the ongoing conflict in the authors hometown Somalia as well as the authors struggle with mental illness and his struggle to turn his life around.
This story is based on my past experience and it describes how I have been through difficult times and yet tried to make the best out of different situations, which did not give me an easy life at all. Despite having to endure hardship mainly stemming from being a refugee in a foreign country; that too advanced my way of life. I never gave up hope that things would improve one day and that I would achieve some of my goals. What I am trying to explain here are the events that this difficult time brought me and how I survived against all odds and thus today, I am able to reflect on that terrible past and the impact it had on various aspects of my life.

I have had many different experiences, each with its own memory, and something needs to be said about how one needs to strive for something one can learn from, or about how one can benefit from someone who can describe their experiences; using them as a lesson to assist you in your life. Writing about such things is important for you to have a point of reference every time something goes wrong; so, you become more aware and cautious and try to avoid future failures and learn what leads to them. Your experience should be enough for you to learn from and be aware of challenges you may come across in the future; and how you manage them wisely. Certainly, every change that affects you causes you to value the time you spent, and the pool of knowledge you inherited from those changes.

Human beings react to adversity in different ways and while some maybe discouraged, others may be encouraged because what seems to be merely adversity may lead to a new life and destiny that is very different and better. It is life and attitude that affects or changes people’s lives. I regard myself as someone who has taken a new initiative and did not give up but, instead was committed to changing the way I lived and then continued aiming for a different and more meaningful life than I had before. That is why I never worried about the past and what I was going through; as I took a lot from my experiences; seeing it all as something that was destined, which I had little control over.

I am not angry at the amount of time I lost because I have recovered and I’m feeling a lot better than before. I have managed to wake up to what has happened to me. I have improved my life in terms of health and education, and I have achieved an Honours Degree with the Open University. The most valuable thing I have today is the legacy of experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. As they say, experience is better than knowledge and I will rely on it to guide me through the difficult times I may encounter along the way, throughout my ongoing journey. Generally, I am pleased that I have made important achievements and still keep going.

I want to present events here that in many ways analyse the many events I have lived through for many years. The reasons for this are often attributed to poor leadership practices in my country that have led to widespread displacement and the dire consequences that have resulted in severe hardship for people who have fled their country. I may not be able to finish everything in this story, but I will say as much as I can, I will recount the long history of my life so far and the community I belong to. Although the writing of this book is a new experience for me, I will try to provide a number of real-life reports that can be taken seriously.

My purpose is finding out about these issues for everyone who is interested in human rights to know what the situation of this nation is and the difficulty they are in. It seemed right to me that people should have enough information to deal with such issues, in order to at least provide support or share this information, to address the problems that have plagued the Somali people in general; and in particular, those seeking asylum around the world. It is possible that these people are not fully aware of their plight and the governments in which they are granted asylum are not well aware of their situations, primarily because they do not have real representation or services acting on their behalf, which reflects the special needs of these people.

I hope this message reaches out to anyone concerned who can resolve such issues and offer advice and guidance on dealing with them. You will always need advice from someone who is experienced in managing and changing these negatively affected situations. I think this kind of request is possible when there is someone who has thoroughly researched the information contained in this book. The only way an idea can succeed is when there is someone to help implement it, so the people who need it can experience a difference in their lives. Certainly, people are grateful to everyone who contributes to the change they are so desperate to attain, sooner or later.

This is the first time I have tried to write a book about the many experiences I had at home and abroad. I have written many interesting articles and stories before and participated in creative writing sessions at the hospital where I work, and that was where I was inspired to write a book for the first time. So far, I have not been able to determine how interesting this story will be for many readers, but I hope it will be like many other short stories written in the past. I am confident that this story will resonate with many who share the same plight, together with other readers who would like to know or pay attention to what is going on around the world.

What needs to be said is that I should be in a different situation than I was in yesterday and not try to be in the best situation all the time because that probability is very small. I say this is my experience that shows that a person can achieve his or her goals if they take action and persevere in endeavours to achieve success in life. It is not about being the best instantly, but it is about being better than you were yesterday, so you can gradually build up to the best life you are dreaming about, and that simply changing your mindset can pave the way for you to change the world around you to the best of your ability.

I also had to share my general feelings towards the Somali leadership with people, to show them how they have damaged their credibility by depriving their people of their basic rights and the essential services they deserved or in other words, how they have abused the power in their hands in every role and responsibility they have held; wherever they are in this world. It is not something that a conscientious person can refrain from talking about, opposing it or hiding the truth, so people can then dare to change this negative situation.

The world has always needed someone to reflect on the realities and work with those who share the same ideology to face any challenges from those who hate positive change and are more prone to corruption. It is not easy when you are against oppression as you may be going against those who are somehow enjoying the sufferings of others, simply because they have a vested interest in what is happening, but I am sure that helping one another is a very good human trait that can help to overcome such common problems and if everybody does something, it will add up and be good enough.

It is possible that many people with such a feeling are concerned about how they could raise awareness and reach out to other people about something that is beyond their comprehension; but what they are forgetting is that if one person shines a light in the dark, many people in the community will gather around that light and may then see things a bit more clearly with renewed hope and joy. It is up to those who have the courage to take the first initiative, be a good example to their community and become an inspiration for the next generations to come to follow suit and be the real source of change and progress.

It is human nature to resist oppression and resent anything that comes with it. Often, people think that politics belongs to certain people and that you should remain silent forever, no matter how badly politics affects your entire life and in fact your real existence. People need to react to their surrounding circumstances and the plight and effect it has left on their livelihoods, and they should stop worrying about themselves all the time; but instead choose to take tangible action to make their lives better. You need to work on ways to remove all the obstacles that lie in front of you and avoid being indifferent to the harsh realities that surround you and do something; instead of watching as further destruction looms around the corner.

Although, I cannot summarize my experiences one by one, there is nothing more important that I can relate other than this: People always focus on showcasing their achievements and strengths, but it is more difficult and painful when you speak about a history of many failures; both personal and public. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed saying something about my history, no matter how good or bad it was; and I want many people to know that they can get over many hurdles in life and finally achieve some of their goals if they don’t lose faith and manage to avoid becoming despondent or giving up hope. I can assure anyone with a bit of courage that they can change many situations and make a difference to theirs and other people’s lives.

It is very difficult for anyone to predict the future, but you can take confidence in the fact thatif there is a problem, you are not alone and you should share your problem with others. It seems to me that it is possible that there are many people who do not have anyone to support them or to call on them,in order to present their experiences and find a solution that works. Insuch a situation, everyone seems to be in dilemma people need to realize that they need to work with someone when things go awry. It is not easy to navigate such a large scale problem on your own, without being able to deal with tasks together with others who can help by sincerely sharing burdens.

I am confident that in time, there will be more people who understand how to manage the refugee crisis and that those in similar circumstances will be able to change their way of life to suit the socio-economic situation of the country. It takes a person a while to see how you can adapt to a new way of life that is different from yours and it takes a lot of adaptation to establish your role in the community while striving to benefit from existing opportunities in all aspects of life.

As there are no credible community organisations that serve the interest of all and can play a positive role in guiding people along the right avenues in which they can demonstrate their talent and actually show their true potential; people need to be self-motivated and more educated to adapt to the country they live in, without abandoning the good tradition of helping each other; as working together in any difficult situation we face in any time, is the only way to succeed.

I thought that it was a serious matter; that the plight of the Somali community needs to be addressed by anyone with conscience and that those who are unaware of it should be informed of the circumstances they are facing or living under in this country. People need to find a way out of the mess they are in and yet it seems that they are not collectively prepared to make the necessary changes, which require an effort to be made sooner rather than later. I think it is a huge task that needs to be done with a lot of awareness, and it is necessary to find people who can do this and help their people.

Today, I feel that many people who fled this country have no one to truly represent them and their needs. If properly managed, the newcomers who came here would have tackled a lot of losses better, and their lives would have been well secured in every way. I acknowledge that such people have experienced a great deal of irresponsibility and that it has been truly difficult for them to adapt to or become part of society. Certainly, if they had had full support, they would have been better able to manage a wide range of issues and could have been self-sufficient by now. People who are successful in this way will be more likely to be the ones who others try to emulate or who aspire to reach the same level as they did.

Over the years, I have had many different experiences that have forced me to refocus my mind on what I remember about the different times we had to deal with in trying to really face the difficult circumstances. I am not sure how my book will look, but I have to say something about my past so it can be a source of information for the people and will then be able to provide a lot of useful information and really benefit a lot who do not have any idea about Somali history and the different situations that people have been through and survived. I also have to admit that there are always people you can turn to when you are in trouble, whether it be medical or otherwise.

What really encouraged me to say these things were the people who generously supported me in times when I really needed it; and it became a lesson for me to see the role that these valuable people play in your life and in whatever progress you make. No one can easily forget what people stand for you in such times, but it is better to share these positive feelings with others so they can see the benefits of supporting each other, and how it can change someone else’s life and health. It is very likely that many people are unaware such good people exist; someone who they can rely on when difficult situations arise in their lives. I want to set an example for many people who are somehow discouraged from believing in anyone or don’t think that there are human beings who are eager to help those in need.

I also know that the relationship between patients from my community and professionals is somewhat disjointed and that there may be a lack of awareness of what is really happening and a lack of support for what these patients are experiencing. So, I am trying to illustrate that in order to fill a gap or make a connection between these two areas the two groups need to work closely together; especially in respect of the patient’s need for healthcare. I gather that one of the reasons why many patients do not seek treatment is the perception they have about some medication having severe side effects.

Actually, another reason is that they are not supported regarding the social aspects of their problem; for instance by not being provided with enough activities to occupy their time beneficially, such as education, training and employment opportunities, in order to regain their lost confidence during illness and lead an independent life. This account of my experience brings back many memories and instils in me a lot of interest and a desire to relive many experiences that had their ups and downs. You and others who can learn from this information will have reference point for you to look back on when things go wrong in your life. However, what is written here is supposed to be a remnant of a nation’s experience, and as you read it more sticks in your mind than when you just heard the story, which can be easily forgotten.

When I talk to people about my community, I do not find many who have had a reasonable adjustment in this country and in every aspect of social life. They are far behind other communities in British society. Even those who claimed to be representing their community were busy advancing their own causes and consequently let down their own community. They misused the organisations they had established in the name of our community and somehow their representations were limited to individuals who pursued their own interests, rather than those of the community. This became a wake-up call for people like me and many others who understood that there were some individuals who profited from the difficult situation their community was in, while claiming to be serving the interests of their people; but their actions demonstrated the opposite; They were failing the community.

It was hard for the community to comprehend that they were now facing similar injustices to those they thought they had left behind back home. They were still having to deal with corrupt people who benefited out of their tragedy. They had had negative past experiences of authority and yet now, they faced a similar plight in the United Kingdom(UK) which was very confusing for them. Even if they tried to seek professional support they had physical access issues and an often faced discrimination; falling prey to those who capitalised on their neediness and used them for personal gain by doing slapdash work that was not up to standard, was often biased, based on favouritism and lacking in honesty and professionalism.

Some people might not like to hear such a clear statement, but I am sure that most people will welcome it because those who needed to be served with honesty but are not satisfied might appreciate this sort of problem being brought to the surface; whereby some people take advantage of newcomers, without their knowledge, but neglect the majority of the population; who deservedly have the right to get the satisfactory service they are entitled to without having to show some sort of loyalty to any particular individual or group. Unfortunately, many people do not get support for their problems straight away if they are deemed to be in the wrong group or somehow different from the local loyal members.

I want to encourage more open-minded people to access the services available freely and not to be disillusioned about the shortcomings or prejudices of those who provide such services. The Somalians should not allow themselves to become discouraged and consequently not contact them for help. There is a belief that local people are wary of foreigners but in my experience the foreigners are people whose skills are valued and who work tirelessly for people by using their knowledge to benefit anyone in need if the right approach is made. As with any human being; everything rests on the relationship you develop with the person you are dealing with. Communication and paying full attention is the key to success.

It never occurred to me that I would have to criticize people so harshly, due to their rampant corruption; as they attempt to use people to advance their personal goals; to the detriment of those most affected by the plight of war and displacement both inside and outside the country. It is unfortunate that people who pretend to be serving their people devise strategies to deal with their needs, but then divert much needed resources to themselves.

It is certain that people are subjected to subtle obstacles and reasons that prevent them from participating in the benefits of the society they are part of, by distorting the truth and creating non-existent fears and illusions to manipulate them. It is terrible that such devious people create situations that their compatriots are fearful that they will be unable overcome and handle on their own; which leaves them feeling overwhelmed and then they become despondent because they fear for their futures. So many people feel stuck and are not in a position to grasp their real situation.

I don’t think that there are many people who stand up to such degrading treatment and mention how certain people are making profits out of their suffering and yet there is no one who will dare to retaliate to that kind of humiliation. As is customary in our culture, it is difficult to confront those in authority who have the means to intimidate or use finance to dismantle one’s cohesion so that it is not possible for people to oppose their mischief. It is not easy or even possible for one person to sum up the widespread misery that people have experienced in the situation or demonstrate exactly how they will somehow be able to cope with the manipulation as without coming together to face the challenges, it will be beyond their capability.
5 Stars
The best recovery  - 04.02.2023

Well done to the author! He took us on his journey & gave an understanding of what it's like to be a refugee in England, and also an enlightening account of Somalia. Its refreshing to read such a real version. I learnt a lot. I thank the author for his honesty & for being brave enough to be real. A very good read.

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