The Droopys World Travels

The Droopys World Travels

Birgit Kingham

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Format: 18 x 27 cm
Number of Pages: 80
ISBN: 978-3-99048-439-5
Release Date: 11.12.2015
Are you ready for an adventure? Let the Droopys, a family of raindrops who live above Big Ben, take you on the cloud highway, as they travel around visiting beautiful cities and historical landmarks in Britain. Birgit Kingham has a fantastic way of combining fun and learning in this wonderful book. It’s a fantastic mixture of education and inspiration. As they finish one journey, you can’t wait to find out where they go to next and who they’re going to meet!
Volume 1
The Droopys visiting London

The Droopys are a family of raindrops who live above Big Ben in London, the capital of the United Kingdom. Papa and Mama Droopy have three children Karla, Fred and Baby Droopy. Their house is in the clouds and they will drive their cloud car on the cloud highway for their adventures to come.
They are a very close and happy family, who
always enjoys time together.

The sun is shining and the birds are singing while the Droopys enjoy their family breakfast. Mama Droopy is cooking sausages, bacon, beans, fried eggs and toast. Papa Droopy, Karla and Fred love the full English breakfast. Baby Droopy and Mama are having Porridge.

While Mama Droopy is doing the dishes and Papa Droopy is reading the newspaper, Karla and Fred are playing with their car tracks and Baby Droopy is finishing off the Porridge. “Should we all go for a nice long walk today and visit our friend the Queen for afternoon Tea?” Papa Droopy suggested.

“What a splendid idea Papa” Mama Droopy agreed. “Children, please get ready, we will be going for a walk” Mama Droopy asked.

Leaving their house above Big Ben, Papa Droopy explains “The city we are living in, is called London and it is the capital of the United Kingdom. A lot of different nationalities and cultures live within the country.”
Mama Droopy adds “And in different languages our homeland has different names, like Vereinigtes Koenigreich in German and le Royaume-Uni in French.”

Over Tower Bridge, the family walks. Papa Droopy explains “The river below is called the River Thames. Its source is called ‘Thames Head’, it is 215 miles long and it flows into the North Sea.”
“And the United Kingdom is an island” Mama Droopy explains further.

Taking a ride on the London Eye, the Droopys have a fabulous view over the City of London. It is a glorious day and Papa Droopy describes that historically, the United Kingdom is a sea-faring nation which resulted in many countries being part of the Commonwealth. “In the old days we travelled by large sailing ships across the seven seas, nowadays we are still travelling but more for fun on big cruise ships and trading purposes.” Papa Droopy says.

Walking past Westminster Abbey, Mama Droopy
explains that the religion practiced in the UK is the Church of England, which first emerged during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
It is seen as “catholic and reformed” and called protestant.

Passing Trafalgar Square, Karla Droopy asks what Commonwealth means and what it actually is.
So Papa Droopy sets out to explain that the Commonwealth is a voluntary association, which consist of 53 independent countries, almost all of which were formerly British ruled.

England, Scotland Northern Ireland and 14 British overseas territories are still part of the monarchy with approximately 65 Million people living within the borders. Other Commonwealth nations which have been conquered during the sea-faring times but are now independent however have chosen to remain part of the Commonwealth Association and became republican nations.

Next stop is the Tower of London. This previously, was run as a prison and also used as a royal residence. Now it is the secure location of where the Queen’s Crown Jewels are stored. “It’s
the home of the Beefeaters who are called ‘Yeoman Wardens’,” Papa Droopy explains.
“For over 700 years they have been responsible for guarding the Tower of London,” Mama Droopy adds.

As the family is on their way to see the Queen, Mama Droopy decides to buy a little something for afternoon Tea at Harrods. She buys shortbread biscuits, one of the Brits’ favourite tea biscuits.

And finally the Droopys arrive at Buckingham Palace, the home of the Queen of England and the Commonwealth. Karla and Fred really looked forward to sitting down with the Queen for Afternoon Tea and are totally excited to see the magnificent Buckingham Palace from the inside.

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