How Do Mermaids Poo?

How Do Mermaids Poo?

Melissa Di Donato Roos

Format: 13.5 X 21.5 cm
Number of Pages: 38
ISBN: 978-3-99107-347-5
Release Date: 03.02.2021
How do Mermaids Poo? This will have any little girl or boy wondering, ‘How do Mermaids Poo?’ Do you know how they poo? Do they have a ‘sea loo’? Do they dig a hole? These questions are only as big and as magical as your imagination.
It was lunch time at school.
Luckily the sun was shining bright and the children were allowed to have their lunch in the playground.
Francesca and Ila sat on the grass and opened up their snack boxes.
“What did your Mum pack today?” Ila asked, leaning over to take a peek.
“Chicken mayo,” replied Francesca.

“I’ve got cheese and tomato. Francesca, do you want to swap,” Ila suggested.
Francesca nodded.
They usually preferred one another’s lunches.

Francesca then thought and asked, “So … what’s your plan for our fantasy poem assignment?”
Ila wondered what she might do and replied, “I’m not sure. What fantasy creature are you going
to draw and write about? I am more worried about the poem than the drawing. It is hard to use questions to write a poem.
This is a tough assignment!”

“Maybe a purple unicorn or a chameleon that breathes sparkles,” Francesca replied, “or … actually … I think I might like
to do a mermaid.”
The girls took a bite of their sandwiches.

Francesca began to think more about the magic of mermaids and questioned, “Have you ever wondered why mermaids
don’t get wrinkly skin in the water, like we do when we swim for too long?” Francesca asked Ila.
“That sometimes happens to my brother and I on summer holiday. Or …” Ila giggled, “have you ever wondered how they go to the toilet? I mean, seriously, do they remove their tails or something? How do you think mermaids poo and use the loo?”
The girls laughed out loud.
Francesca almost choked on her sandwich.
Francesca chuckled and laughed, “That’s actually very funny. Why don’t we ask Miss Charris if we can do our assignment together? Maybe we can write our poem that tries to solve this funny question … ‘How do Mermaids Poo’?”

Together the girls worked hard on their fantasy poem project and they were quite proud of themselves when they handed it in.
The completed project was beautifully painted, it was filled with great rhymes with big questions, and all done on time.
Monday morning came around. Francesca and Ila met on the corner of Confidence and Power Street and walked to school together, chatting about their weekend.
As they neared school, Francesca remembered, “Hey, we have to present our poem project to the class today.”
“I almost forgot,” laughed Ila. “I hope Miss Charris likes ours! Do you think she will get cross with us because our poem is really silly?”
With a very worried look, Francesca replied, “I’m not sure, but I do hope we don’t end up in trouble.”

The school day started and the teachers came into the playground to round up the children to start the day.
The children all raced to class.
“NO RUNNING CHILDREN!” shouted Headmistress Pretzel.“
Settle down children and Happy Monday!” Miss Charris clapped her hands always enthusiastically, but more so on Monday mornings.
The children took their seats, feeling a little nervous about who would be called up first. Miss Charris, as usual, enthusiastically began the lesson by saying, “You all did splendidly on your fantasy poem projects but two girls in the class came up with some intriguing questions.
These two girls formed a team and had the confidence to ask some bold questions, which, children is one of the greatest gifts we can give to one another.”

“Francesca and Ila, please come up to the front and read your poem to the class. I’ll hold up your art while you read.”
The girls walked to the front of their class and Francesca spoke first.
“For our assignment, we chose to paint mermaids. We had a few questions that we found a bit funny, so we wrote our poem about them too. Ila will read it to you.”
Ila cleared her throat and began, “How do Mermaids Poo? by Ila and Francesca.”
The class erupted into fits of laughter.
Miss Charris could not hold in her giggle either.
She put her hand in front of her mouth.
3 Stars
mermaidd - 05.05.2021

i want to knom about mermaids

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