Chronicles Of Jolie

Chronicles Of Jolie

Rowlin King

Format: 13.5 x 21.5
Number of Pages: 174
ISBN: 978-3-99048-922-2
Release Date: 14.11.2017
What would you be willing to handle in the name of lust? Join Jolie as she embarks on a journey of desire along a road of excitement, erotica and love. Unfortunately this road is paved with betrayal, danger and death. Where will it lead?
Now, who looks like he has the biggest dick here? That one over there. Just the right type for this dirty fantasy. If I get this low and this dirty, it might just as well be as dirty as it can get. That guy is the size of a brick shit house, a long beard like a militant biker and – most importantly – is too drunk to run after me when I run away afterwards. Look at him chucking down that huge jug of beer and vodka. Not his first one by the looks of it.

I go over. The barman and the few guys who aren’t engrossed in watching the sex performance on stage are watching my every move. Now he’s just a few tables away. Let’s see how he reacts. I hope he is not too drunk to get it up.

“Hey, big strong fella! “

“Hey, baby!”

“Can your manhood take a woman like me at this late hour?”

“Never too late or early for that!”

“Where do you wanna break the ice, outside in the little aisle behind the bar?”

“Let’s go, pussy!”

I hate that he called me that but I also want this shag. I am pulling him by his shirt. There is a whiff of fresh air shocking us – or at least me – when we open the emergency exit door. This is really such a dark aisle. Only rubbish bins and puddles to see.

I wanna pull his dick out but he just turns me around and rips my trousers and panties down in one violent move. I can feel his cock in front of my hole and then it happens. BANG! Not a loud one, a silent one. He drops on top of my back and I feel his blood wetting my blouse. I shake him off in a wild desperate panicky-move and speed down this dark back yard not knowing what to head for. The killer must be onto me and I probably have only seconds left if any. My heart is racing and I probably make desperate panting noises which make it even easier for the killer to hunt me down. There it is! My salvation and last chance: A tiny window on f loor level. I turn around and jump feet-first down into the unknown. In a split second I take a glance at the killer. For all I can see in this obscure environment, it is the guy from the car park who chased me. How did he find me?

It’s pitch black down here. I have to get out quickly because he must be feverishly seeking to find a way down here already. The window is too small for him to come down. It was just about big enough for me and I tore all my clothes up. The only thing still intact is my good old German bra which Sonny brought me from her home.

What’s that? I am hearing a woman screaming somewhere around the corner. It sounds like … ? … Like?? … Like she is being raped. Shit! THERE THEY ARE! There is just enough moonlight coming through the upper windows for me to see that huge leather jacket guy pounding into that woman who has stopped making any noises.

He’s done and she falls onto the f loor a few minutes later. All I hear is him running off. She is still not moving. I am walking over to the place of the crime. HHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh! She is dead! How can I make the best out of this situation? I give her my clothes and take hers. She doesn’t need them anymore and I cannot run around with a big blood stain on my back without drawing any attention to me. This truly is one adventure that went too far:much further than I had ever anticipated. I just wanted to get my kicks out of seeing Sonny in action and stalk her a little. What did I get myself into?

Oh, no! What’s that now? He’s coming back! I hide behind a column as there is nothing else close enough. He will be coming around the corner any second now. I can’t look as he will see me. All I can do is look at the windows and get some clues from the reflection. There he is. Wait a minute! That’s not the rapist. HHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh that is the one who is after me. Obviously I don’t really know that because the light is too dim and the ref lection too imprecise for me to tell who he really is but he is definitely not wearing the same leather jacket as the rapist and his shape resembles the one of the killer. Also: who else would be coming down here in the middle of the night when there is nothing here to get?

What are these rapists about anyway? I can understand when men withdraw. That normally comes from a man’s fear of “losing his freedom” or being overwhelmed by intimacy in a relationship. But that’s talking normal men now. What are these rapists about? Too unsuccessful with women? Too stingy to get a hooker to do it for them? Not lucky enough to get somebody like me ask them whether they want to jump her in a dark aisle? Well, there again, the last guy wasn’t too lucky. It cost him his life.

The killer is turning away. That’s good for me. Let’s hope he thinks that girl was me so he stops looking for me and I can finally get on with my own plans. I am only streets away from Sonny’s hotel. She must be back by now. Let’s wait for a few more moments just to make sure he’s really gone.

Poor girl. “What did you do to deserve being raped and killed with a knife? Thanks for the clothes!”

On my way out I pass the rapist bleeding to death on the floor. He must have had contact with the killer. He who kills with the sword will die by the sword, that’s what I say. He’ll think twice before he rapes the next time. Then again, there won’t be a next time for him.

There is such a thing as a crime clock. Horrifying as it sound, it is real. They gather statistics and can tell how many rapes etc. will happen per hour. Few of these rapists will get shot like this one.

Ok, I’m outside now. There is a gas station and over there is a cab. I really should be reporting this crime but then I get sucked into all of it and will be questioned till the cows come home. I will then need to be available for the police and miss my flight and more importantly, all the action Sonny is up to.

Finally! We stop at the corner of the road on which Sonny’s hotel is. I let the cab driver pass it so that he doesn’t know where I will go. Looking like I do at the moment, I can’t go through the front door. So where is the kitchen entrance?

Alright, I’m in front of Sonny’s door now. It’s closed – obviously. I can’t hear any noises. That could mean that she is asleep or that she isn’t in. How can I find out? I use the staff phone next to the elevator to call the room service.

What shall I order for Sonny? She needs a coffee and a few sandwiches. These room service guys take forever. So I have a few moments just to rest here on this chair. I must look like I am waiting for someone though because otherwise anybody passing me would wonder why I’m not in my room if I want to rest. The room service arrives. The waiter knocks on the door. No answer? He knocks again and waits for a minute. Still no answer. He calls her name and knocks a third time, this time fairly decisively. Nobody opens the door so he just walks off mumbling something.

What does that mean? Sonny isn’t in? Where can she be? It’s unlikely that she went off with somebody this late in the night. She may be up to bending over for some hunk over the photocopier but not spend the night with anybody and be exhausted the next day. So where is she?

I have to go back to that office building. She must still be there going through her material or, who knows, doing something else with a special somebody else. In any case, she will still be there.

After what seemed like an eternity I arrive at her giant office. I cannot get in there. They have a security guard and identification cards are necessary to get through those barriers.

Another thing is really starting to concern me. That killer is still running around somewhere and it was around here where I first had contact with him. The car park is over there but I can’t see whether any cars are on top. I hope he bought that I was that rape victim. If not,well, let’s cross that bridge once we get to it.

Whilst I’m pondering on how the hell I can get into that building, I might just as well have a look at what that poor, murdered woman had in her pockets. A lighter, hairclip and on the other side? A little wallet. Great, now I’m a thief. I guess that should be the least of my worries now. What cards are they anyway? Gosh, this woman had an account with all the credit card companies in the world. Just the type of customer they are looking for. This is not a credit card. It’s an access card. Hey great! Now I can go over there and give it a go. If it doesn’t work I can just play stupid and try to charm the security guard. Maybe security guards can be convinced with a blow job too.

Ok, here we go. Through the big doors, towards the security guard who is looking awfully suspiciously at me already. Smile, Jolina, smile! Towards the barriers. I will just smile and then act awfully astounded that my card didn’t work.

Getting closer.

“Good evening.”

“Good evening madam.” He says that in the tone of voice that hints that he really wants to ask me “how can I help you?” too but has not yet come to that. They always say that but what they really mean is “What do you want?”.

What’s happening here? It actually works. Don’t show that you are too astonished, Jolina. Mouth shut for a start. Don’t let any screeching sounds of joy shoot out of your mouth either. Especially not if they sound even remotely orgasmic or the guard will come over to get part of the action.

The lifts are next. What companies are actually in this building? Sonny’s seems to be the only one that has to do with corporate law but names don’t always give away what the businesses are actually involved in. Take Lehman brothers or Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and how they started out.

Ding! The elevator stops, I’ve arrived. The light is on but it’s eerily quiet. I’m still not over the fact that this swipe card actually worked. What were the chances for that?! I must start gambling with this sort of luck.

As I walk past the reception, I look back and notice that the elevator is going back down although I did not send it back. So there is someone who wants to use it at this time of night. Is it my female paranoia that makes me think this is because of me or is it just a normal, healthy paranoia that urges me to be especially cautious and swift now?

So what is behind this door? Only a quarter of the lights are on. Good for the environment, not good for me. Or is it? I cannot see as well but other people cannot see me as well either. It would be so embarrassing to bump into Sonny under these circumstances and yet I am here because of her.

I hear something. That’s him! He is waiting outside the door of somebody who is on the phone. That’s Sonny’s voice:

“… Sorry … none to speak of. Clean shaven, waxed or a little hair … just for the heck of it! I change it up every now & then just to keep it interesting! I won’t get bored and neither will you! When my panties come off … there’s always a surprise! Well … within 2–3 days. Hair does take time to grow! …”

Ding! The lift noise. The killer hears it as well and is rushing towards the door getting ready to pull the trigger. This is where I come in and out of instinct rather than sense come to perform my first heroic deed of my entire life: I jump towards him. He gets around the corner and aims at Sonny. BANG! BANG! BANG! He keeps on shooting whilst falling onto the ground – BANG! BANG! BANG! I hear him cursing and voices from the elevator coming closer. He speeds up, vanishes into the twilight. I glance in panic and despair towards the desk but I can’t see anybody lying on the ground. They are gonna be here any second, so I rush into another office.

Moments later they arrive. There must be about 10 people there by the sounds of it. And what do my rejoicing ears hear? Sonny’s voice. So she was not hit or at least not fatally. They are making a lot of fuss of her but that doesn’t mean anything. They would do that whether she was injured or not. She was shot at! So no wonder they are all so stirred up. Why am I so cool then? Must be the shock. I’ll probably break down once this whole ordeal is over.

So where is the killer now? Maybe he’s still around here. He’s probably not attacking because there are just too many people there and by now somebody will have called the police. Maybe he is just out of ammunition. He probably went down the steps. Unfortunately, that is what I will have to do too. Wait, what are they saying?

“… I saw that woman come in wearing Mrs Houston’s clothes. She appeared to be quite tense. I’m just so glad I called you.”

And then to my horror: “… Ms Berl, do you know of a woman who would go this far to harm you? …”

Oh, no! Now they think I’m the one who is after Sonny! I’m now the prime suspect! They don’t even know about the killer and now they are all after me!

I hear all of them walk off. They probably don’t wanna stick around here and wait for the police downstairs. What started as innocent raunchy stalking ended up in a right old mess.

Ok,what to do now? I need to find out more about this case and then get the hell out of here before the police come and find me here. They would never believe my story. I would not either if I weren’t right in the middle of it.

Thank goodness Sonny left her office equipment on. So what is she investigating here? Let’s scan that and then run off as fast as possible. Oh, this really sucks! The top bit is wrinkled. Common, machine, scan faster and with less noise!

Off I go, disappearing into the night outside the building as if I really were the one who is to blame for this. I now need to hide although I have nothing to do with this! Fairness has nothing to do with this. I saved her life and risked mine! And now I’m still risking to get sent to prison for something I did not do at all.

Right, I’m outside now. It is still the middle of the night but it must be dawn soon. What did the guard say? He knew the woman whose clothes I’m wearing. It’s a huge building. Thousands of people must work there and he still recognised that woman! … So she must have worked there for years. Snobby as these receptionists can be, she must have been quite far up the corporate ladder. Otherwise he would not have taken enough notice of her to remember even her clothes.

So she got killed in the same night as Sonny almost got killed … but she did not get killed by the killer. She got raped and then killed by that other punk who then got killed himself minutes later. All a bit spooky.

Killing somebody with a knife is a whole different thing than just shooting somebody. One is violent; the other is something just anybody could do. People who want to defend themselves often have a gun even if they are normally peaceful people. … hmmmm … So it is possible that the killer just didn’t have what it takes to kill that woman himself but he then had the guts to shoot that murderer … hmmmmm … maybe he knew that woman but that doesn’t necessarily say that he knows Sonny too.

Why is all of this happening in a corporate law case and not a criminal law case? That’s what normally happens in all of these movies that are on TV every night of the week. Watching telly won’t help me here then. All those wasted hours watching people shoot each other because of criminal matters and now I’m in my own criminal case and don’t know what to do.

How can I get out of this anyway? I don’t know where the killer is and I don’t know where Sonny is. She will probably get escorted back to the plane now. So she will get to see good old Blighty sooner than I will. I don’t even know how I can get out of this country!

Well, wait, I’m not in that bad a position either. They have not seen me, so I can use my ticket as if nothing has happened. All they know is that I look like some woman. They may not even know yet, that she is dead.

All I need to do is get rid of these clothes and pick up my stuff. Let’s do that then.

Ahhhh, that feels better! Now where can I go at 4 o’clock in the morning where nobody sees me and I have enough light to read through this stuff? I could also use some caffeine to keep me up.

Has been a wild time. Wilder than I would have ever wanted it. Actually quite looking forward to getting this all behind me and have a quiet, boring life again.

I can’t go to an airport because they may put Sonny on the next plane home. It’s quite far away too. I just sit in that train station over there. There must be one of these 24/7 dingy cafés which serve egg rolls and stuff.

So what have I got here? This is the stuff Sonny tried to read last when it all happened. It looks like a presentation?! Why is a presentation part of this at all? How very unexpected! How lucky am I though? I only lost the introductory waffle.

(A) Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
Comp-Air-Food Plc. is more than 100 times larger than TR-Mer-Food GmbH and thus trades – on a macro level – in only remotely comparable industry circumstances. This applies in particular when comparing performances as the latter is inf luenced by many factors. One example of such a factor is access to supply chains and therewith e.g. speed and quality of delivery. Comp-Air-Food Plc. is a global player18 and as such is more able to deliver requested customer solutions even if not locally available because they may be sourced globally. Comp-Air-Food Plc. is much more able to allow for price concessions as a negotiation tool as its financial power – in particular its increased free cash f low in 200519 – enables it to invest in price on a level not available for TR-Mer-Food GmbH. Another example of a factor is Comp-Air-Food Plc.’s buying power and related volume discounts. It is furthermore possible that if a supplier supplies Comp-Air-Food Plc., Comp-Air-Food Plc. may be one of his largest customers. Hence preferential treatment and concessions are more likely. Additionally Comp-Air-Food Plc. may limit the number of other customers/competitors a supplier is capable of serving either by using up that suppliers’ capacity or by threat of taking its business elsewhere if certain competitors are served.

(B) IROE ought to be the key measure in determining whether TR-Mer-Food GmbH’s expansion has been worthwhile and thus has increased SHV. To assess whether the expansion has generated a return much higher than the risk-free returns from gilts, TR-Mer-Food GmbH should calculate the IROE as their key measure to determine SHV.
When calculating the IROE the performance of the invested profits over recent years is what TR-Mer-Food GmbH should take into account. This will show TR-Mer-Food GmbH and its shareholders how efficient TR-Mer-Food GmbH is reinvesting its profits. Another reason not to choose the traditional ROE ratio is that ROE is a short-term accounting measure which does not take the potential future growth identified by TR-Mer-Food GmbH and Comp-Air-Food Plc. into account.

Thus the IROE will help TR-Mer-Food GmbH keep up to date with the described ongoing performance results (of expansion).
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Malik - 08.08.2022

What would you be willing to handle in the name of lust? Join Jolie as she embarks on a journey of desire along a road of excitement, erotica and love. Unfortunately this road is paved with betrayal, danger and death. Where will it lead?

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