Being Unique

Being Unique

Nicole Luck

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Release Date: 17.08.2020
Get this out there as it needs to be read and spread in these troubling times! It is an inspirational message for all, that we are all precious and that we and our souls need to be protected, from birth to the humble postman and bus driver.

To be content with oneself is the best thing.
To be content with the world is ever so difficult.
To be content with your partner is sometimes possible.
To be content with life is important, especially when things don’t always go according to plan.


There are creatures in this world who are gentle.
They have the integrity and gentleness towards all creatures, no matter what background they come from.
These creatures actually put the rest of the world to shame.
Such creatures are so gentle that it brings tears to one’s eyes.
To hear others, speak about such gentleness and the kindness that these creatures have shown towards them makes one proud to be part of this family.
To realize that the elements of the family have been sown into oneself makes one appreciate life even more.


The soul is a separate entity from the body!
Have you ever felt like you are out of sync?
That feeling when you are more aware of things.
Don’t be afraid.
You are becoming connected to your environment and to those around you.
Each of us is unique.
Some have the ability to read others’ thoughts.
Some can perceive what another will say before they say it.
Some can tell whether a person is telling the truth or not.
Some are just more in tune to nature.
Some can smell, hear, feel, see and touch things and know what is happening.
Not always everything at once, but close enough.
I can hear what you are thinking.
How do you know this?
You will feel it or sense it.
We are all unique!
Each and every one of us is intrinsically connected, whether we know it or not.
I bet that you may have felt something but was not sure what it was.
It may be faint or strong, depending on what stage you are at.
Ever slowly increasing at various stages in your lifetime.
We all become in tune to our soul and to the world around us.
Each one manifesting their own energies to others and those around them.


Is like an artist at work.
To listen to another takes your entire being.
To listen to what is being said needs to be finely tuned to understand what the underlying message is.
To listen with all senses is hard work.
To listen is to give yourself freely to be there for those who need it.
To listen is a joy and sometimes painful.
To listen to the integrity of that person’s soul.
To listen to oneself is important.
It sets you apart from the rest.
You might learn something new.


To be different to the one next to you is hard.
To be the odd one in your family.
To be last is hard.
To think differently is hard.
You will always stand out as being the weird kid.
Being different and choosing to remain different is hard.
You must have within you a lot of stamina and a built in belief.
You must believe in yourself.
No one will help you.
Stay straight and be truthful with yourself.
And all will be fine in the end.


Humans should still be allowed to make their own choices.
Humans have the capacity to choose what is right and what is wrong.
With each wrong choice one learns and can make the necessary corrections not to make the same mistake again.
With each right choice one learns even more and can further improve oneself.
But let each human make their own choice.
Often, when one forces a person into doing something against their will, it only increases aggression or passiveness.
And neither of these attributes are useful to either parties.
Why is there a need to impose onto others what is right or wrong?
Would it not be best to set the example yourself and follow your own advice?
One’s example of how to live in our environment will often enhance the next human to either follow or not; but the choice is still theirs to make.
Be wise!


To feel the change within oneself is blissful and fulfilling.
To no longer be the same person you were six months ago.
To be aware that you have changed for the better.
To find routine life difficult.
You feel your inner peace.
You feel like a new you and you are.
The old one doesn’t exist and it’s too hard to go back.
Life is different.
Existence is different.
Do I like the new me?
Yes, I do.
But it’s so hard to explain unless you are going through it too!


To be superficial with others is hard work; to pretend that you are something else when deep down, you know that you aren’t.
To watch how others are superficial among themselves and others, it seems so easy for them.
How can one be superficial and claim that they are honest when they are not?
How can you prevent yourself from becoming part of the crowd and yet remain true to yourself?
I suppose that this should be easy by being with true friends who are like you and who understand the situation at hand.


To be lovers anyone can be.
But to be true lovers which is a deeper connection between two souls is very special.
It takes time, patience and compassion for each soul to develop into being who they are.
This is the basis of true love.
To understand the other person, one must first understand oneself.
Thus, forming the deep connection between two lovers.


Time will tell when we will be together.
Time is not based on man’s perception, time is based on energy.
Time is a constant reminder of things that the heart and the mind must work on to remove the baggage which we all carry.
Time helps the soul to awaken.
Time heals all wounds if we let it.
Time is compassion.
Time is the soul.
Soul is time.
We just need to trust time.


Why does one fear life?
What is fear?
Fear is another emotion of being human.
To be fearful prevents one from becoming one with oneself.
Fear is the opposite of love.
To love is to be fearless of what life can be.
Love is the healer of all things that man fears.
So be love and you will see that love conquers all.


A new chapter is beginning.
A chapter in which the old has become the new.
A new inspiration of thoughts becoming a part of you.
One may ask why me?
One does not know, but just go with the flow.
Life is a mystery.
Follow your instincts and all will be well.
A new chapter has begun, and it feels exhilarating to be part of it.
We all need new beginnings in our lives.
It expands our horizons and makes us want to become at one with ourselves.
So, enjoy, accept and be happy!


To understand another human is to first understand yourself.
We are all the same just unique.
To understand the thought process of another human is to understand their culture, their language, their religion and their family upbringing.
Humans are not complicated.
You just need to incorporate the five senses and you will easily understand them.


To be young at heart and party.
Some party all the time.
They need to belong to society.
To feel that they are loved and needed.
For some it’s not necessary.
But ninety percent of society, be they old or young, feel the need to belong.
However, life is not a party.
So be aware.
For the soul is not happy if you continue to go against it.
It will struggle and die in pain.
Be compassionate towards yourself and most of all listen to your soul.


These are interesting creatures to watch.
Each so unique in themselves.
Some more alive than others.
Some more curious about life.
Some look half alive.
Some colourful.
Some plain boring.
They see more things than most humans who walk through their shop.
To hear their stories would be a field day of knowledge.
Some don’t care as they are just there for the money.
While others are there to keep their minds occupied and not be bored at home.


Now that’s a job for the wise.
The amount of mail one has to take and drop off throughout the day.
Day in and day out.
Come rain, sun, hail, wind or whatever.
The postman is always there.
They are human just like you.
They must see things that most humans would not give a thought to.
The stories that they must have.
Just waiting for someone to ask the right questions and to lend an ear.
The postman is human with feelings and needs to be listened to.
So, lend them an ear and listen to their stories and you might learn something about your area.

Bus drivers

Oh, the joys of being a bus driver.
To be responsible for all those passengers who come in and out throughout your twenty-four hour shift.
Oh, the things you have come across and probably wish not to see again.
The weirdos that pass your window.
The strange tourists babbling away and not really knowing what or where they are going.
The locals who think that they know everything.
The parents and their screaming kids.
The teenagers and their foul mouths.
The oldies who have no patience.
The drunks who throw up on the top of your bus and leave the mess behind.
The ever-increasing traffic of noise outside your bus that some days you wish you could just walk out on.
Oh, to be the bus driver of a double decker.
Such great knowledge that you need to possess to be able to manoeuvre through the narrow streets of London.
Oh, the stories they would tell you if anyone bothered to listen.
The tears, the laughter and the madness that you see happening in London.
The good and the bad.
But at the end of the day, you still love your job!
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Being unique  - 07.10.2020
Ash post office

Thank you Nicole Luck it's a little book

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