The Adventures of a Mythical Cow and Horse

The Adventures of a Mythical Cow and Horse

Jean Dickinson

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Format: 13.5 x 21.5 cm
Number of Pages: 94
ISBN: 978-1-64268-026-3
Release Date: 16.10.2018
A very lighthearted way to experience travel! Visit your neighborhood, your country and the world with the unlikely explorers, The Cow and The Horse. Whether a five-minute or hour-long journey, these endearing characters will leave you wanting to see the world.
The Cow and The Horse

The Cow came first from the pasture above.
There is a car, but it doesn’t move.

l’ll explore just a bit—I can climb on the hood—
I think this car will sit here for good.

Just then The Horse galloped by and saw The Cow sitting there.
I wonder what she’s doing—but I must not stare.

So The Horse stopped short and said, Hi there, Cow.
What are you doing on that hood just now?

I think this car’s stuck right here on the hill.
They are saving it from going to yonder landfill.

You are probably right, said The Horse to The Cow.
I’ll rest on the running board. I’m tired now.

So what is your name? said The Cow to The Horse.
It’s just The Horse, capital letters, of course.

And what is your name? said The Horse to The Cow.
My name is The Cow—Look, I’ll take a bow!

Oops! Here I go—right off this hood.
She slid to the ground and there she stood.

Are you hurt? asked The Horse, as he watched The Cow land.
Oh no, said The Cow, but give me a hand.

Or what do you have on the end of your leg?
Mine is a hoof. What is yours, I beg?

Mine, too, is a hoof—it isn’t a hand.
But I’ll stomp my hooves right here on the land.

Is that what you want? Or would a loud ‘Neigh’ be best
To acknowledge your bow? What’s your request?

And so The Horse and The Cow each gained a new friend.
If they tell their adventures, their tales won’t end.

The Cow and The Horse Go to New York

The Cow sat on the running board, The Horse sat on the hood.
I’d like to go somewhere exciting.
New York City sounds inviting,

Said The Horse to The Cow.
Let’s go right now!

Said The Cow in reply.
You know we always fly.

So tie your seat belt tight.
We must fly at a great height.

Said The Cow to The Horse.
Of course, of course!

We must land between buildings that are very tall.
The landing space may be quite small.

Said The Horse to The Cow, in a reassuring voice.
He hoped he would make a good landing choice.

I can see far below and even the ocean!
Isn’t that water over there? Or is that just my notion?

Said The Cow to The Horse, as they flew quite high.
Isn’t that New York? We must not pass it by!

There’s a large green space!
I hope we land in that very place.

The Horse said to The Cow.
Hold on! We’re going to land right now!

It’s Central Park and there‘s a horse pulling people!
And I see a church with a very high steeple.

Said The Cow to The Horse.
His answer, Of course, of course.

Untie your seatbelt, let’s go for a trot.
There is much to do. We’ll see a lot!

Of buildings and cars and people. Oh my!
Can we move in this traffic? Let’s give it a try,

Said The Horse to The Cow.
Do you think they’ll allow

Us to trot on the street?
Just look at all the traffic we’ll meet!

We must be quick!
People and cars and traffic lights are thick

If we want to see stuff.
I’m getting a headache, said The Cow in a huff.

Let’s take a rest, some grass would taste good.
Maybe we should go back. I’ll sit on the hood,

Said The Cow to The Horse.
He gently replied, Of course, of course.

It’s back to the green of Central Park.
It may have been busy, but this trip was a lark!

Said The Horse to The Cow,
We’ll go back right now.

And so The Cow and The Horse landed safe and sound
Back home in their car on their very own ground.

The Cow and The Horse Travel the Midi Canal

The Cow sat on the running board. The Horse sat on the hood.
Have you heard of The Midi Canal? It’s in France and very old.
We should see it, we really should.

But what’s a canal? Tell me if you can,
Said The Cow. It is like a river, but it is built by man,

Replied The Horse who knew a lot about many things.
Like places to go and things to see and even cabbages and kings.

Let’s fly there and find it and then rent a barge.
They’ll teach us to drive it, and then we’re in charge.

Tie your seatbelt tight. We are starting right now.
We’re off to Southeast France! We’ll find it somehow.

Toulouse is where we rent the barge and take stock.
We’ll learn to drive straight ahead and stop at each lock.

We’ll stop at each lock until it becomes the right height
And then dock at the canal edge to sleep for the night.

We’re here and moving along as we should
Past lines of trees and a path. By foot or bike would also be good.

That village has a Festival. Let’s stop and attend.
There’s music and dancing, but we can’t stay until the end—

We must stop for the night and then move along
To Carcassonne, the walled city that’s been there so long.

This canal is three hundred years old and always in use.
It is beautiful and clean. It’s had care, not abuse.

To stay used and helpful and a treat for the eyes
To the history of France it must have many ties.

This slow moving barge and old tall leafy trees
The path along the water and sometimes a breeze.

But the quiet along so many interesting scenes.
It would be hard to find on a movie screen.

The locks are a challenge, and to feel the boat rise—
Water poured in, or water drained out, which one is wise.

A wonderful experience with a new countryside
But it’s time to go home and relive this boat ride.

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