Dino Evolve: It Begins

Dino Evolve: It Begins

Ricki Joyner

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Format: 13.5 x 21.5 cm
Number of Pages: 96
ISBN: 978-3-99048-734-1
Release Date: 29.06.2017
This isn’t just any type of safari. A prehistoric world shrouded in secrets. Dinosaurs like they’ve never been seen before. Feathered, awe inspiring and powerful. The fight for survival begins now.

General Amadou De Bankhole today, along with the other European Federation leaders, has released new laws and legislation that have cracked
down on genetic manipulation. To quote General Amadou De Bankhole:“Genetic research should only be done for the greater good, to cure genetic diseases. However, with the latest release of technology it has unlocked the door to much more than just curing genetic diseases. Anyone caught manipulating, cloning or recreating life forms using genetic technology will be put to death. No one should play God.”
The punishment seems harsh to the majority of people and there is some opposition to these new laws. They say that it is immoral and goes against human rights. However, General Amadou De Bankhole will still be enforcing these laws.
We have also been informed that General Amadou has discovered some islands owned by private investors that conduct genetic research on
them. He will be visiting them to shut down any that do not obey these new laws.

“Hmpf … The general is still trying to gain fans. Imagine if the world knew just how secretive and twisted he is.” An old man stood in a large room, with no windows. One side of the room was filled with computer screens and monitors that show different parts of a building, the corridors and hallways, as well as labs and armouries. Throughout the room was a series of desks and computer panels and screens with a person sat at each. The low hum of the computer fans and the constant tapping of keys on a keyboard filled the room.
The man stood at the front was an elderly man, 60 years old at least; his hair was a dark grey, and he wore a worn, black suit.
“Vince, you know you shouldn’t talk about the general like that. After all he is the one allowing us to do this, despite what he’s announced to the world. If he wanted to he could easily chuck us all in jail and put us to …”
“No! He won’t do that; he has ties to this place! I’ve made sure in our records that he has authorised this and is the major figure in this project. If we crash down, I am damn sure dragging him down with us.” He butted in with an aggressive tone in his voice. He turns and heads for the door. “You will remember why we are here. I’m going to find out how Dr Hardwicke is doing. And make sure you feed them. We need them to be at their strongest and most lethal.” He turned his head to reveal a forced smile, before walking out the room.


The red sun blazes down with a scorching heat across the African bush. A dark greenish black jeep is parked up on a dust track. Two men were standing up through the sunroof. One was in his thirties, with dark brown hair and dark stubble. He wore tan combat trousers and a white shirt that had patches of red dirt and dust. He wore big heavy-duty boots that could withstand the rough terrain.
His companion was younger, in his mid-twenties, he wore worn and torn jeans; these had dust and dirt splashed up them; he also had a grey shit, with the sleeves rolled up his arms, and the top buttons undone. He to wore boots. The binoculars held up to their eyes looking out into the dry, hazed plains.
They were looking at a cheetah, crouched low in the tall, brown grass. Edging closer. Ahead of it was a herd of impala. Every time they looked in the cheetah’s direction it would freeze, motionless. Its ear pricked forward, its gaze fixed on the weakest and easiest member of the herd. The cheetah was in striking distance. It lowered itself closer to the ground. In a heartbeat the cheetah exploded out of the bush and raced after the impala.
The speed was unimaginable. The tail whipping side to side to help it keep its balance. Dust kicked up. Cries of fear. A claw latches on to the impala’s leg and trips it over. The cheetah sinks its teeth into the animal’s neck.
“That was amazing. How fast was that, Rance?” said the younger man in astonishment. The older man lowered his binoculars and looked at his watch.
“About twenty seconds.” He wiped the sweat from his brow and looked out over the plain towards the cheetah kill. The growls of the cheetah feasting on the impala could be heard. There was no hesitation, no slow eating, it seemed in a hurry. In the 20 years that Rance had studied big cats and other large predators around the world, he has led expeditions into the African bush and the Amazon rainforest, as well as Siberia to study wolves, along with scientists. Scientists often referred to him as the muscle, but in his many journeys he has gained a vast knowledge of predatory animals. It would only be a matter of time before a larger predator would come and steal the cheetah’s kill, whether lions or hyenas.
He knew that the cheetah is more of a specialist killer than the other big cats in Africa. All predators compete for food, but are specialists in a specific type of prey. Since animal behaviour does not change over millions and millions of years, prehistoric animals would act the same.
This is why he had brought Justin Wilson along with him, on many of his trips out to study the most diverse animals in the world. Justin was a student, studying the behaviour of animals and how the natural world is balanced to keep the ecosystem supported and healthy. Through all the studies all ecosystems, the herbivores outnumber the carnivores by a lot. And the larger the carnivore then even rarer they would be as they require the largest territory to hunt for food.
This makes them spread out more over a much larger area. This is true in any ecosystem. Justin Wilson is also one of the leading people in the behaviour of extinct animals and uses this set-up to explain why they have found more herbivores than carnivores and the reason the largest extinct carnivores are extremely rare to find. Justin believes that an animal that size would have of had a territory up to five hundred square kilometres each.
Ring … Ring … Ring … Ring … Rance pulls out his satellite phone, and answers it. “Hello?”
“Rance, my good friend, it’s Donald Reegan. How is Africa?”
Donald Reegan, a lawyer and financial advisor for Vincent Graham; a multibillionaire, founder of Webrew Industries, a leading manufacturer of robotics and animatronics.
Rance looked at Justin and mimed the action of a suit. A suit was the term given to men who work in offices, with numbers, and drove expensive cars and sat around talking and debating, mostly lawyers and heads of corporations and businesses. People who do not like to get their hands dirty, but would pay others to do the job for them, and reap all the benefits for not lifting a finger.
“It’s the same, excitement and danger. What is it, Mr Reegan? I am a busy man at the moment.”
“OK, I have a proposition for you. A chance for you to put your talents and knowledge to work. And a chance for a Mr Justin Wilson as well. I know that you two do work together at certain moments. Do you have a number I could contact him with?”
“Unfortunately, I don’t. We usually mail each other with letters. I could pass on his address if …”
“Oh, no, no, no, that’s OK, Rance. What I have to say and ask cannot be kept in any records. My employer, whom I represent, is offering you and Mr Justin Wilson a chance of a lifetime. A chance to be on the ultimate safari. It will make Africa look tame.”
“Mr Reegan, I regret to say I am going to decline your offer. My work is here for the moment. I can make a couple of phone calls and give a list of other experts who I would recommend.”
“No, it has to be you; no one even comes close to you. When you stood your ground against a six-foot-tall grizzly bear. When you and a group of people were trapped in caves in the freezing cold of Siberia, being tracked down by a pack of wolves, you led them out to safety and rescue using what you know about wolves and fire to keep them away. You are the only person who Mr. Graham wants to visit his new safari range. You will be paid for your services generously. All you have to do is keep the visitors safe through the expedition. I can get a private jet to the nearest airport in two hours. What do you say? Are you in?”

The Accident

The main computer room was bustling with workers. The wall of monitors and TV screens f lick from image to image showing different parts of the facility. It shows people walking down the corridors and hallways. On another screen is a lab, with test tubes, and large cylindrical containers filled with some sort of liquid. Lab technicians conducting tests and experiments on unknown items. There was a screen showing bushes and trees. Not a single blade of grass, the f loor covered with dirt and leaves; fern bushes scattered around. A small stream flows through the middle.
The view looks like an enclosure. But what animal would be kept in there?
“Matt? Matt? Open gate 3224. We got a damaged vent. We don’t need them escaping.” A static voice comes through the radio.
“Opening Gate 3224, tranquillisers loaded? Remember, these are dangerous animals.”
“We are loaded; this won’t take long.”
With a large metallic clank, the gate began to slide open. Large metal gears and cogs rotate and pull the door open. The heat from inside hit them like a wall of bricks. The five-man team move into the enclosure. It was silent except for the trickling sound of the stream. “Watch your six.” One of the men walks towards a badly damaged air-vent cover. It had claw marks streaked across it; the grate itself was bent and buckled.
“Wow! We need to move this higher so they can’t reach it,” the repairman stated. The guard looked at him sternly. “We haven’t got time for that now. Fix it temporarily, I will try to authorise it after.”
The bushes rustled. A long, low hiss slithered through the bushes. The hiss sounds like a large crocodile hissing in anger.
SNAP! The unmistakable sound of wood splintering under pressure. All the people looked towards the direction of the noise. Silence fell. Sweat drips down their face.
“Matt, do you see it on the camera?”
“I can’t see it; they were last seen at the other end of the enclosure in the rocky cave area. Maybe they are still in there and that was just an echo. But best to hurry to be safe.”
The bushes rustled. Grrrr! Something was moving. Then all went quiet again.
“How much longer?” the guard turns and inspects at the vent, which was now covered in a wire mesh net, which gives a little when force is applied so it acts like a net.
“It should hold for now.”
“Good let’s get out of here. Matt we are moving out. Get ready to close the gate. If you spot anything on the cameras let us know.”
The voice could be heard over the radio. “Standing by, I can’t see anything. Looks clear.”
They began to walk towards the gate, their eyes scanning the foliage for any movement. All was still.
RAAWWWRRRR! The noise was horrific, half reptilian hiss, and half bird screech. Something explodes from the bushes. Snapping its jaws shut around one of the guard’s heads. You could hear the cracking from the bones.
“Jackson! Everyone run for the gate! Go!” Within a split second the lifeless bloodied body of the worker thumped on to the f loor, his blood covering the teeth of the creature. They race for the gate.
Hearts thumping.
Panting for air.
RAAWWWRRRR! Another creature burst from the side.
Sinking its teeth into another worker’s side.
He cries out in pain.
A huge chunk of flesh rips away from his body, causing his intestines to spill out.
“Matt shut the gate now! We can’t let them escape!” A few seconds after, the gate gave another metallic clank as the gears and cogs began to rotate and the gate began to slide shut.
They raced forward.
Hands shaking.
Sweat dripping.
Hearts pounding.
A third animal appeared ahead of them. Blocking the exit.
It stood two metres tall at the hip; on two long, muscular hind legs. Its forelimbs were a lot smaller than its hind limbs, however, these had three clawed fingers, easily sharp enough to grip and slash flesh. The animal was seven metres long, from tip of its snout to the end of its tail. Its head was narrow and looked much like a monitor lizard’s head. Its upper teeth were clearly visible even when the animal shut its jaws. However, instead of being green or brown in colour, this animal was a vivid blue, like sapphire, with green or yellow spots along its back and sides.
The animal’s small, beady eye fixed on the running workers.

RAAWWWRRRR! The creature lunges towards them.
As it ran it moved just like a bird.
Clamping its jaws around a worker’s arm.
Shaking its head violently.
Tore the arm right out of its socket.
Before continuing to chase the others.
They slipped through the narrow gap, and turned and saw the open jaws and sharp bloodied teeth.
The gate slammed shut.
Hisses and snarls could be heard on the other side.
Bang! Bang! RAAAWWWRRR! The cries of pain from the two workers can be heard. They were still alive. For the moment.

“Help! Somebody help!” His voice getting weaker, the worker looks down across the floor. His intestines had fallen out and were dragging behind him. He could see the legs of the other worker, being dragged through the fern bushes. Thud! Thud! The pain was excruciating. Another colleague nearby was missing an arm and writhing in pain. Thud! Thud!
The sounds of something walking grew louder. A sharp pain shot through his shoulder.
His body was lifted off the ground.
He could hear the sounds of its teeth crunching the bones.
Shook and thrown like a rag doll.
A three-toed foot was slammed on to his back. The force crushed his ribs.
The hot, rancid breath blew against his dying face.
The creature sunk its teeth into his face and used its jaws to crush his skull.
The other worker tightly closed his eyes and tried to ignore the sounds of bones breaking and the constant growls and hisses the animals were making.
Two of the animals walked towards him. They seemed to have lost interest in the other body. They made quick, almost bird-like movements with their heads. One sunk its knife-like teeth into his leg. A sharp shooting pain raced through him. He was then being pulled along the floor.

RAAWWWRRRR! The second animal shrieked at the one pulling him away. It bit down on his neck and shoulder and pulled back. They were having a tug of war. His midsection was beginning to stretch. The force on his neck and shoulder was suffocating him along with drowning in his own blood. This was not a quick death. As he suffocates and chokes on his own blood, he feels his body split in two before it becomes too much. And life gushes out of him.

The Flight

Justin and Rance walked towards the private jet. It had “-Webrew Industries-” printed down the side. The door opened and standing there was a grey-haired man, who next to Rance and Justin was short. “Ah Mr. Higgins and Mr. Wilson. I am Vincent Graham. I am so glad that you have accepted my offer. Now if I may, we need to get going, this way please, gentlemen.” He waved his arms and vanished into the jet. They climbed up the steps of the jet and stepped inside.
The jet had loads of room, expensive leather seats. There were small varnished wooden cabinets. Vincent sat in the corner seat with two seats in front of him and a table in the middle. “Please take a seat.” Vincent pointed to the two leather chairs opposite him. They took a seat. The plane begins to rumble and hurled down the runway. Before long they were in the air f lying towards wherever Vincent Graham’s safari is.
“Do you want anything to drink?” Vincent asked. His voice seemed awfully friendly, and helpful. Like he was trying a little too hard to be a good host and welcoming.
“Where is your safari, Mr Graham?” Justin asked.
“Please call me Vincent; Mr Graham makes me sound old. I am. But I don’t want to be reminded of it all the time.” His voice changed slightly as if annoyed, but he remained calm and, tried to keep his friendly charm. “It is on an island, Justin, on one of the many islands around Thailand. The temperature and humidity there is perfect for the animals that I have.”
“Must be reptiles and lizards, are we talking Komodo Dragons, crocodiles and snakes?” Rance enquired. He knows the large animals that rule in environments like Thailand are more reptilian. “I must explain, Vincent, that my expertise is more in mammal predators than reptilian. I will do my best but I am not the best person for your visitors to follow.”
Justin leaned forward in curiosity. “If you have built a safari in Thailand, how come you need me? I only study animal behaviour in the wild. A caged animal is different to its wild counterpart, as it is not required to use its instincts to survive. I apply what I learn to prehistoric animals to increase the understanding of how they would have hunted and lived. How come I am needed to visit your safari?”test

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