MR. X: Assassin By Desire

MR. X: Assassin By Desire

James K. Papay

Format: 13.5 x 21.5 cm
Number of Pages: 134
ISBN: 978-3-99048-547-7
Release Date: 08.09.2017
2030. One Government Authority. One Ruler - Devifetan. One Defiant - Mr. X. Welcome to the dystopian Planet Earth, where all the world’s governments have crumbled under the onslaught of the dictator Devifetan and his army of cyborgs. Luckily, despite an attempt on his life, Roman Usov survives the micro-organisms injected into his bloodstream and, instead of death, an explosive future of merciless revenge awaits as he is reborn as the extraordinary Mr. X.

The year is 2030. The beginnings of the 21st century of twentyfive years gone by (2000, 2005, 2015 and 2025), that the human race once knew, is a past memory and is nowhere in comparison to the present day we now live in, to endure for one’s survival morning, noon and night.
On 01 January 2029, at 12:00 hours throughout the entire planet earth, it went into simultaneous genocidal chaos for 120 hours. An evil technologist genius, Semi-Human Cyborg by the name, HAKIT took complete control of every country’s own military defence systems and turned it against themselves from air, land and sea. Each country’s capital was untouched but was helpless and vulnerable to the surmountable strategic invasions from Supreme, DEVIFETAN’s ONE GOVERNMENT relentless militia. People everywhere that you come across, that were somehow unfortunate to have lived through the apocalyptic event, know it as to be the “Invasion At High Noon”.
ONE GOVERNMENT rule is absolute in each country’s capital and the rest of every country’s remaining land territory is nothing more than a wasteland of ruins. The elite, wealthy and those selected to be in servitude to these so-called proper people live and work inside the fortified walls encircled around the capitals. All the others not privileged, live and die in the wasteland among the CHAINED, CONVERTED and CRAZIED.
The wasteland outside the capital of Moscow in the Federal Subject of Russia is where I was banished by the ONE GOVERNMENT regime to die but only have survived to live another day. It was discovered by this regime that I was a Spetsgruppa ‘A’ (Alpha Group or Alfa), a trained and experienced member in special operations, counter-terrorism, hostage rescue and assassination that was assigned to Federal Security Service (FSB) in Moscow.
This deemed me a threat so I was injected with a serum, called ‘Exodus Equals Erased’ (E3). It was a 100 % ‘concentratein-pure-form’; atom sized synthetic living organisms that invaded my bloodstream forced into the jugular veins in my neck.
It was designed to instantaneously manifest through an incubation process, and then aggressively erupt with multiple minute explosions internally to literally vaporize me into nothingness within 120 hours period of time. Instead, these organisms metamorphosed unmeasurable levels of pure oxygen that rushed throughout the systemic circulation transforming both my body and mind in a constant evolution process of cyclic mutation.
After, fifty of my Spetsgruppa comrades and I were injected with the ‘Exodus Equals Erased’ (E3) serum against our will, we were shackled together in groups of five by our wrists and ankles, forced to load up into a Mil Mi-26 Russian heavy transport helicopter, that flew to the city of Khimki (21 km) away from the capital of Moscow. We were then shoved out the open rear cargo door of the helicopter as it hovered just above Arena Khimki and we landed in the centre circle of the football field.
Thirty out of fifty of my fellow comrades died on impact when they hit the ground on the football field, and the rest of us sustained broken bones and multiple contusions. As, I lay on the ground I could hear screams of severe pain echoing throughout the arena as I was slowly losing consciousness from the fall I had taken.
When I awoke, I found myself lying in a stranger’s bed in an unfamiliar bedroom, with my wounds already attended to, and bandaged and was greeted by a ‘Young Easy Sex’ (YES) Cyborg Clone named Sindee. She was a slender, curvy female with orange colour skin, large shiny black size eyes and long curly gold hair.
Sindee introduced herself, informed me that this was her one bedroom upstairs f lat that I was presently occupying, and explained how she found and rescued me from the cannibal crazed CRAZIED. Then immediately brought me here and treated the wounds I received from being shoved out of a helicopter. She also told me that the others that survived the fall but were badly injured when we landed on to Arena Khimki’s football field had been discovered four hours later by these CRAZIED. They dismembered my comrades as they were still alive onsite, and their body parts stockpiled into CRAZIEDs’ Black Meat Wagons and taken away.
That day, 14 February 2030, is the day that my life would be changed forever as I was transformed into MR. X; a mutant (30% human and 70% synthetic evolving energy (SEE), an assassin to be feared and talked about as the ‘Boogie Man’ in every language throughout the wastelands of the world by the CHAINED, CONVERTED and CRAZIED. I was also a mythos within all the ranks of the ONE GOVERNMENT regime.
Also, Sindee a ‘Young Easy Sex’ (YES) Cyborg Clone, who saved my life from annihilation, would become my assassin’s assistant, confidant, dear friend, girlfriend and steadiness to my unpredictable capabilities with reaction to eradicating those that were justifiable due of extermination.

Chapter I
The Mutation and Partnership

The day that I was transformed into MR. X; as a mutant, who was now 30% human and 70% synthetic evolving energy (SEE), Sindee explained to me in detail, what she had witnessed.
She said when she discreetly brought me back to her one bedroom upstairs flat; I was in a semi-conscious state. She took off the blood soaked clothes I was wearing, sponge bathed me from ‘head-to-toes’, treated every external and internal injury that was found on my body, made me as comfortable as possible and regularly monitored me as I rested in her bed. But on the fifth day under her care, something horrifying began to happen to me and she noticed by the symptoms I was displaying, that I had been infected with the serum, ‘Exodus Equals Erased’ (E3).
Knowing that I was a human exposed to the atom sized synthetic living organisms; it was just a question of when the multiple minute explosions internally would literally vaporize me into nothingness. She waited in a corner of the bedroom, hid behind a large aluminium table turned on its side, to shield herself from the debris of my body as they were to cover the whole room. Instead, I went through a mutated transformation process that altered my mental and physical makeup.
After, Sindee told me what had happened to me; I stared at her confused and in disbelief. I asked her if she had a handheld portable mirror that I could use to look at myself. She awkwardly smiled at me, walked over to the large dresser against the far wall of the bedroom to the right-hand side, of where I was sitting up in the bed, reached out and grabbed the handheld portable mirror off the top of it, turned around, came up to me at the right-side of the bed and handed it to me.
I slowly lifted the handheld portable mirror up to my face to look into it and was stunned with awe of my appearance. My skin was grey with no hair whatsoever on it throughout the entire outside of my body, except for the coarse wire-like woodland green hair, medium in length, that cover my scalp. My fingernails, lips and tongue were onyx black. My eyes’ sclera was crimson red, iris bright green and the pupils resembled those of a snake. I unintentionally let the handheld portable mirror fall out of my left hand that I had gripped it with; it fell on the bedroom wood floor and the mirror glass shattered.
Sindee slowly approached me where I was sitting up in the bed, gently stroked my coarse wire-like, woodland green hair, sat down on the bed beside me, kissed me on both my cheeks, stood up, took off her clothes, got into the bed naked with me, positioned herself on to my naked body and pulled the covers over the both of us. She orally aroused me with bioengineered stimulant saliva from her mouth on my ‘man-tool’ as she continued to go down on me and after a while of pleasuring me and herself, she then slithered her chest up to mine, pressed her buttocks tightly into my hips and put it inside her.
About one hour had passed by before the both of us were finished satisfying one another and she laid her head on my chest, looked up at me with a smile of fulfilment. I looked down at Sindee, as I ran my fingers through her long curly gold hair and asked her if she had any idea what had recently happened to me.
She told me that I was exposed to a serum called ‘Exodus Equals Erased’ (E3), that Chief Biomedical Engineer, Ivan Gott, who works for ONE GOVERNMENT designed and created it as a 100 % ‘concentrate-in-pure-form’ DNA genetic strand woven into atom sized synthetic living organisms.
This serum is injected directly into the blood supply through way of a human being’s jugular vein. These atom sized synthetic living organisms invade and thrive inside the Haemoglobin (Hb) of the oxygen baseline that transports metalloproteinase in the red blood cells. Once these atom sized synthetic living organisms are introduced to the bloodstream of a female and/or male human, they immediately manifest through an incubation process, then aggressively erupt multiple minute explosions internally and literally vaporize an individual into nothingness within 120 hours.
Its original intended use was for Semi-Human Clones and ‘Young Easy Sex’ (YES), Cyborg Clones, such as Sindee, as a DNA implant that allows us to have an unlimited ability to adaption, phenomenal agility, and strength and superior intelligence. Trial experiments of the serum was administered to several thousand homeless and mentally challenged humans throughout the world that produced catastrophic results, hence, ‘Exodus Equals Erased’ (E3), was born to eradicate human life when deemed appropriate to eliminate all and any type of threat to ONE GOVERNMENT rule. No human has ever survived a dosage of the serum, ‘Exodus Equals Erased’ (E3) within them until now.
I also asked Sindee about the physical change of what has become of me. She commented that what she witnessed first-hand was astonishing, in reference to the conversion process that I had gone through, that could be interpreted as somewhat of a rebirth.
She lifted herself up off my chest, sat up in the bed next to me, stretched her orange colour, smooth, muscular bare legs across my abdomen, looked at me, smiled with a big grin on her face and asked if she could conduct a couple of preliminary tests on me, which would assist her in being able to better answer my question about my physical change. I nodded my head in an up and down motion of approval. So, she lifted her legs up that laid across my abdomen, rolled backward off the other side of the bed, landed on the bottom of her bare feet on the wooden bedroom floor, straightened herself erect and walked naked into the area of the kitchen. She gathered up several items a large stainless steel Butcher knife, Zippo lighter, aluminium frying pan, medium sized white ceramic salad bowl and Russian 50 kopeks coin, carried them into the bedroom and placed them on the foot of the bed.
The first test was to focus on penetration and puncture of my skin. She grabbed the Butcher knife with her right hand, gripped it tight, instructed me to lift my forearms up in front of me, as if to shield my upper shoulders and throat area and then swung the knife at me in a slashing motion. The sharp cutting edge of the blade went across the meaty portion of my forearms and did not open up the skin, but instead squashed the blade flat.
The second test was to focus on adjustment and regulation of my body temperature. She grabbed the Zippo lighter with her left hand and with the right hand flipped it open, instructed me hold out my hands, palms down in front of me, lit the lighter and ran its flame in a back and forth motion across my fingertips. The flame did not burn and discolour the tips of my f ingers, but instead it began to melt the inside case of the lighter.
The third test was to focus on force and power of my strength. She grabbed the aluminium frying pan, gripped it firm with both hands, held it out in front of her at chest height with the bottom facing me, instructed me to make a fist with either hand that I chose and to punch it. My left fist went right through the backside of the pan putting a hole in it.
The fourth test was to focus on description and identification of my thermal vision sensory. She grabbed the medium sized white ceramic salad bowl and Russian 50 kopeks coin, set the salad bowl upside down on the wooden bedroom floor about 5 metres from the foot of the bed I was in, turned her back to me which blocked my view, put the coin in between the palms of her hands, rubbed it vigorously until it began to glow red, tilted up the salad bowl a little bit to place the coin underneath it, stepped off to the side, instructed me to look at it and describe what I saw. My eyes focused on the turned over medium sized white ceramic salad bowl and instantaneously registered a glowing circle object underneath it. I told her what was underneath the salad bowl. I said it looked like a coin or token.
Sindee displayed a big smile, giggled aloud, jumped up and down excitedly, clapped her hands together, and confirmed I was correct with the answer I had given to her. Then she suddenly ran and jumped into the bed, dove feet first underneath the covers, leaned into the left side of my exposed upper torso, grabbed hold of both my arms and pulled me on top of her. She reached down between the both of us, grabbed my ‘man-tool’ with her left hand, started gently jerking it up and down and with her right hand that cupped the top of it, and started softly squeezing it until I was fully erect.
She insisted that she would tell me of her findings, in relation to the couple of preliminary tests, which were conducted on me pertaining to my physical change. But, requested as she playfully giggled at me to have my ‘man-tool’ placed inside her ‘love-box’, so we could be joined together as one in unity, while she explained to me exactly what results were produced from the four preliminary tests.
So, I placed my ‘man-tool’ inside her ‘love-box’, and she immediately wrapped her legs around the lower area of my back, bit down on the bottom left corner of her lip while smiling and then explained in detail about what each of the four preliminary tests revealed.
The first test in reference to penetration and puncture of the skin revealed that my epidermis is constructed of a graphene exoskeleton structure, almost impenetrable, and made up of carbon atom characteristics. The reason why I have no hair on my body except for my scalp is because the hair follicles serve as ports to stored retractable quills. These quills extend to a full height of 18cm from every follicle, except from the base of the neck to the top of the head, as a defence shielding mechanism on command when enraged or threatened.
After Sindee explained what the first test uncovered in relation to me with penetration and puncture, she suddenly went silent, displayed a pouting look on her face, held up both hands in my face signalling a 10 count total with her thumbs and fingers. I looked down at her with a puzzled expression on my face. She demanded to me that I owe her 10 hard thrusts of placing my ‘man-tool’ inside her ‘love-box’, after an explanation of what each preliminary test concluded. I shrugged my shoulders, nodded my head in acknowledgement and gave her the hard thrusts that were required of me.
She tilted her head backwards, tightened the grip of her legs that were wrapped around the lower area of my back, counted aloud to ten and told me to stop. She tilted her head forward, loosened the grip of her legs wrapped around the lower area of my back smiled up at me and explained what the results from the second test were.
Sindee explained the second test in association with adjustment and regulation of my body temperature shown that the pigmentation of my grey skin, onyx black fingernails, lips and tongue were sensors to manipulate at will unlimited variances in fluctuation to distal-to-proximal temperature gradient. The temperature variations are powered by the P300 (P3) wave evoked by the automatic stimulus process of vigilant decision making within my central nervous system.
Then she suddenly went silent, smiled at me, held up both hands in my face signalling a 10 count total with her thumbs and fingers. I acknowledged her demand and continued from where I ceased and she counted aloud to ten and told me to stop.
Sindee explained the third test in correlation with force and power of my strength, demonstrated my ability to fluently generate phenomenal agility and strength that could easily punch through steel 15.24 cm in thickness without doing any internal damage to myself.
Then she suddenly went silent for a third time, smiled at me, held up both hands in my face signalling a 10 count total with her thumbs, and fingers, put one finger and thumb at a time in her mouth and sucked on each one. I acknowledged her demand once again that was required of me and continued from where I discontinued and she counted aloud to ten and told me to stop.
Sindee explained the fourth test with relationship to description and identification of my thermal vision sensory, can detect microscopic differences in heat signatures as small as 0.01°C temperature with regular clarity. Different materials are absorbed and emitted in different amounts appearing visible to a thermal representation. This ability allows me to form images both during daylight and night-time hours from minute changes in heat between objects. For this reason my eyes’ sclera are crimson red, iris bright green and pupil resemble those of a snake.
She once again went silent, smiled at me, but did not hold up both hands in my face signalling a 10 count total with her thumbs and fingers. Instead she loosened the grip of her legs wrapped around my lower area of my back, pressed her buttocks tightly into my hips, retightened the grip of her legs, grabbed a hold of the metal barred headboard frame that was behind her head with both hands and demanded I owed her continuous hard thrusts of placing my ‘man-tool’ inside her ‘love-box’ until I was depleted and drained of every last droplet of my internal liquid as she conducted a ‘Depletion Extraction Empty Process’ (DEEP) to me. I acknowledged her demand that was required of me, continuing where I stopped the last time. She tilted her head backwards, screamed aloud in pleasure to not stop as her whole body shook eagerly to achieve a heightened awakening of sexual stimulus for the first time that was never experienced with male humans that she serviced as an active ‘Young Easy Sex’ (YES), Cyborg Clone in the escort business.

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MR. X: Assassin By Desire
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