Stan Wolf: My successful book publication

When I was searching for suitable publisher for my first work ‘Gems of Dominion’, I contacted numerous publishing firms. A few of them never responded, others sent me an offer demanding cost sharing on my part. Novum publishing made a positive impression on me from the beginning with their prompt replies, feedback and competent way of dealing with me as a new author. Comparing all the offers, I understood that theirs was the contract offering best value for money. The presence of the publishing firm with its brochures, website, and a personal meeting with the publisher convinced me completely. I had already started working on the sequel and had been searching for a partner for a long-term collaboration.

About 2 months after my first contact with the publisher, I signed my publishing contract. It was a truly unforgettable moment for me as a previously unpublished author!

After only a few days, my personal author advisor sent me a production schedule containing an overview of all the steps involved in the process from the beginning to the book release. At the same time, my work was assigned an ISBN number by the publisher and the book title was checked and registered in advance on the list of available books. 

Regarding the design of my book cover, I already had specific ideas. All my wishes were taken into consideration and the final cover surpassed all my expectations! In continuous consultation with me, a professional press text was written for my book, an editor corrected the spelling mistakes and typing errors in my manuscript, and pointed out any discrepancies regarding style. It was pretty instructive for me; the corrections in my work shed a light on the areas I had to improve in my writing style. 

What I really liked during our collaboration is that my personal author advisor informed me about all the steps in the course of the production of my book (promotional texts, cover design, editing and proofreading etc.) and my approval was asked for at each step of the process. My opinion and approval were always important.

When I received the proof copy of my book, I got the first impression of the layout of the text. The printing began only after I had given my approval, and my specimen copies were also sent to me. I almost couldn’t believe it when I held my first book in my hands! It is a very special moment that I will never forget.  

Parallel to the book release, the publisher began taking steps regarding the marketing of my book, on which I was kept up-to-date by the distribution department. As a result, numerous pre-orders were placed, which were delivered immediately after the publication.

Finally, they sent an impressive press release about the book to multiple relevant media representatives. Review copies were sent out by the publisher. In due course, my book was registered with the most popular wholesalers and was available on Amazon.

The publishing house created a range of promotional materials such as posters, invitations, new release cards, bookmarks, order sheets etc., which supported me a great deal in announcing and advertising my numerous readings. 

Furthermore, my work was presented for the interested visitors of several book fairs. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that thousands of readers are browsing through the bookshelves and may grab your book. Through this, I was also able to have some very interesting conversations at the publishers' stands.

Needless to say, ‘my’ publisher also uses new media to promote books. My book is therefore presented on the publisher’s website with its cover, short advertising text and a brief extract. The publisher’s social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, also provide information about events and the latest news regarding the book. It’s also very important to me that my book is not only available as a printed copy but also as an e-book. 

Now, I am regularly booked to give readings (in bookshops, cafés, hotels – sometimes internationally!) I also give interviews on TV, radio and for print media, which further generates publicity. Thanks to the high demand for my book, I was able to release additional sequels free of charge.
My books have reached their audience – thousands of enthusiastic readers. I receive countless letters from my readers by e-mail and post. Discussions with readers enrich me and show me that my books are really well received by my audience. I am particularly pleased when readers ask for further sequels.