The Publisher

Many authors are disappointed when their books, after years and years of working hard, get rejected or even ignored by publishers. Unfortunately, this is very often the case. We believe that each and every author and promising manuscript is supposed to have a fair chance to be presented to a wide audience around the world. It is our purpose to provide this opportunity.

Today’s novum publishing was founded in 1997. At the beginning, the company was positioned as a service provider – in the field of layouts – for publishers. Shortly after that, the present-day publisher, operating on a cost sharing basis with authors, was founded. Novum publishing is especially a perfect start for new authors, a great opportunity to set their feet in the world of publishing. The publisher’s consequent work paid off rapidly over the years, and it is reflected in receiving numerous awards. 

Our authors are writers from all over the world. Very often they are first-time authors, but also famous personalities such as Manfred Baumann or Katy Karrenbauer can be found in our publishing record.

The family-owned company which currently operates in the US is already the market leader in some European countries like Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands and Spain.


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