Novum publishing is THE specialist for new authors. We appreciate every manuscript submission. In order to handle your submission quickly and easily, please note the following four tips, and feel free to request our free information package for authors:

1. Attachments

  • complete manuscript
  • name and address
  • phone number
  • e-mail
  • illustrations (if desired)
  • synopsis

2. Synopsis

Ideally, you should also send a one-page synopsis – a short abstract of the entire manuscript. It should give the editor a brief overview of the plot of your work; it should also give a summary of the main characters and it should represent the basic conflicts or the structure of the topic. It shouldn’t consist of any dialogues or details.

3. Font and layout

The font and the layout are not that important for the mere submission. The manuscript doesn’t need to be error-free at this stage. Your text will be edited by our proofreaders and editors only after a positive evaluation and after signing the publishing contract.

4. Submission

By e-mail:
in a WORD or PDF file to
(The manuscript text should be compiled in ONE single file!)

By mail:
On a data storage device (CD-ROM, memory stick…) in a WORD or PDF file or in print form to:
novum publishing, 1250 Broadway, 36th Floor, New York, NY 10001

We’d gladly send you our free information package by e-mail should you need further information.