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my world of photography 1991-2016
I want to become an Author
Manuskript submission
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We are world record

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Many authors are disappointed when they offer their work after many years of writing to a publisher who turns it down or shows no sign of reaction. Unfortunately, this is very often the case. We believe that every author with a good manuscript is supposed to have a fair chance on the book market. It is our purpose to provide this opportunity.Request for free now

Navigate. Motivate. Captivate. This year's ASJA's 47th Annual Writers Conference in New York is definitely an annual must for nonfiction writers,...
Our first #Literallye leads us to Baltimore, Maryland. 🚌 Built in 1878 architect Edmund G. Lind created one of today's most beautiful places for...
#Opinionleader Yay or Nay? It's time to vote again. Which literary genre conquers your heart: crime thriller or fantasy novel? ;)


We are world record