Bar Tender

Bar Tender

Michael Kopytko

Format: 13.5 x 21.5 cm
Number of Pages: 102
ISBN: 978-3-99064-925-1
Release Date: 28.10.2020
A steamy gay romp in idyllic Mykonos with a twist in the tail. Find out what happens between flirty Mike and the hunky Greek bartender Alexandros. A romantic story involving lots of flirtation, lovers tiffs, a romantic beach interlude and a surprising ending.
Bar Tender

The clock had hit eleven p.m. by now and at that time, the moon rose beautifully over the Mediterranean. The breeze hit me in the face like a hammer, but I loved that salty sensation in the air that came from the sea. Dressed in a white vaporous shirt and a pair of pink shorts I was there to make an impression. I knew Alexandros would be there at that time, so I went with the perfect target in mind.
My sudden appearance was planned as a surprise; I wanted to see his expression once I landed at the bar. He knew that I was coming but since my original plans were set for the day after, arriving earlier was surely going to surprise him, or so I hoped.
In my head, I thought I would find him behind the bar or hustling around there, serving the clients; besides, this was one of the most exquisite gay bars in Mykonos, if not the best. The clients always expected to have an unforgettable experience once they arrived there.
The night was still young, and I felt that I had brought my A-game; I mean, I was going to see him again and there was no greater pleasure for me at that time. Our experiences from the previous year’s still rocked inside my head; things I could not forget, nor did I want to.
Anyway, things did not go as planned. My surprise was slightly ruined since Alexandros was not where I expected him to be. As soon as I reached the bar, I noticed his alluring figure from afar. He was the same stallion in human flesh, expressing the same vigour and the same sex-appeal.
“Shit,” I mumbled to myself, thinking quickly, wondering if I should hide or not. I did want to surprise him, but it looked like it was too late already. His keen eyes had spotted me and it was now pointless for me to hide.
I felt like a gazelle caught up in the claws of the lion with no chance to escape and really no desire to do so either. Like a magnet, he pulled me towards him and I could not resist this amazing sexual force. Gosh, I was busted, but I was still gonna surprise the heck out of him.
The facial expression! Yeah I still got that one despite not being inside the bar. As I got closer to the Mykonian City pub, our eyes met. Alexandros sat outside with two of his workmates, talking about God knows what. I am sure it was not about me, despite hoping so much, but that was not an issue anyway. His jaw dropped to the fucking floor like a fucking one-ton anvil dropped from a super huge crane. Alexandros needed quite a few moments to recover and gather his senses. Meantime, I continued to advance towards him at a steady pace, and I smiled as I loved what I saw.
His slightly hairy, classic Greek chest came out of his black shirt, with boldness, as if it invited me to do something naughty with it; not that I lacked such thoughts, but I imagined it would be slightly inappropriate to jump on him at first sight. I cannot say the same thing about him as Alexandros quit all prejudice and came straight at me. When there were only ten or twenty feet between us; he grabbed me in his arms with the strength of a bear. I could barely breathe.
Don’t get me wrong now, I am a sturdy guy myself, I am not a snowflake, but I was completely surprised by his reaction and I did not have the time to react.
“My God, you said you were arriving tomorrow …” he kind of basted me as I tried to surprise him, but I felt no remorse.
“Guilty as charged!” I laughed, “Blame me for trying to surprise you.”
Alexandros was not angry in any way; he was just a little bit ‘surprised’, if I may dare put it like that. As a result, I woke up with this suffocating kiss that came out of nowhere, literally; it left me no room to react and as a result, I just stood there like a sitting duck and took whatever came at me … and it was a lot, trust me. Those big meaty Greek lips almost sucked the life out of me as I enjoyed the passion and the love.
Pure desire and ecstasy slipped through my body that very instant and I could tell it was the same with Alexandros, as we both got kinda ‘hard’ instantly. Our last year’s chemistry could still be felt in the air as our bodies boiled and rubbed against one another.
With the end of that kiss, a question emerged.
“Are you alone?” he asked me. His voice was slightly fearful and paranoid.
I looked up at Alexandros, whose puppy eyes had already scanned me for a reaction.
“Of course, I am alone; I came here for you. Remember what we talked about last summer?”
Alexandros gasped again. “Gosh, I thought you had someone with you this holiday, but it looks like I am the lucky one, again.”
“You bastard, you worry too much. You’ll get wrinkles and gray hair because of it.”
My contagious laughter managed to touch him a little bit, caused him to smile back. He glanced at the fancy watch on his wrist.
“You have no idea how happy I am that you are here. I was afraid you were not coming anymore, seeing that August was gone and you still did not pop up … you let me know about your trip quite late.”
He touched my hand gently as if he tried to tease me for a moment; I must say there was some success in his endeavour as I kinda started to feel those chills up and down my spine.
“You know I don’t like crowded places that much; that’s why I decided to go for September.”
At this point, he leaned towards me, bit my left earlobe and kissed my neck twice … wet and gentle kisses that fired up my heart.
“Ugh? Really, right here where everyone can see us?”
He smiled. “I don’t have anything to hide … do you?”
He knew he had cornered me right there. I could not say that I felt embarrassed in that position, as I did not want to upset Alexandros; besides, I liked being kissed like that.
“I guess I don’t have anything to hide. I kinda forgot how non-conformist you were since last year and that I needed a little bit of time to re-adapt to that type of lifestyle.”
I am not a puritan by nature and I don’t get easily offended, regardless of the circumstances, but this was a foreign country nonetheless and I felt a little bit … timorous. Soon, the hug and the fiery kisses had cured any sort of spooky emotion out of me. I was back in business before I could even tell I was.
He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him with a swift nudge.
“Shall we go in, I gotta get back to work; my break is kinda long gone …” He came even closer and whispered in my ear, “And … I have a surprise for you.”
My senses fired up instantly when I heard the word ‘surprise’ that came out of Alexandros’ mouth in such a sexy tone. Initially, I was the one who tried to surprise him, but it looked as if I was going to be the surprised one.
“Fine, I am coming, with no delay.” I grinned and followed him inside the bar.
I stepped through the door, and found a packed atmosphere. Tourists and locals were having a great time, drinking, and dancing. All sorts of shapes and colours you could find inside, and Gay was king over all of them. Without exaggeration, this was one of the few places that made me feel completely comfortable. I don’t exactly know what it was, maybe the perfect white traditional design or maybe it was the vibe that made you feel welcome and accepted. One thing was clear to me, Mykonian City pub was the place to be for people who wanted to experience the time of their lives.
With that in mind, I found myself a peaceful corner at the bar where I ordered a few drinks from … of course Alexandros. I was there for him and played no mind to the other people who walked by or danced around. I had come to Mykonos with a precise goal in mind and that was to contact Alexandros. Now that I had done it, I had little preoccupation with anything else. I was happy and I looked forward to spending as much time as possible with him.
A few shots later, and probably one or two martinis, I started to feel a little bit funky; my feet acted crazy and demanded me to jump onto that dance floor and show people some real groove. I thought to myself that I should have some fun at least while I waited for Alexandros to finish his shift somewhere after midnight.
Trust me when I tell you that I had no intention to hook up with anyone else, but some folks found me irresistible. At one point a tall guy; blond hair, slightly long, blue towards green eyes and a daring attitude approached me for a dance. I wasn’t going to act rude, especially since he insisted quite a bit and I felt like dancing too. For a few minutes we danced to a few songs, some slower and some more energetic, but I did not feel as if there was anything else to it.
You know, we all dance with a stranger in the club every now and then … harmless gestures that are made only for the fun of the moment. I was not going to ask that blonde guy for his number or anything else, and I wasn’t going to give him mine in case he asked. I did not even know where he was from … Netherlands, Germany, Russia … who cared really, we just danced for a moment and that was it; to me at least.
Other guys asked me for a dance that night, but I refused all of them after that first one. I had had enough, I can say, but what I did not know was that Alexandros had noticed my little harmless endeavour. He had seen me dancing with that guy, but he did not say anything to me, well not at first; because when I ordered another drink from him, I did not get anything in return.
After a while, one of his workmates came to my table and brought a mushy cocktail that was not even mixed properly. Alexandros was supposed to make it for me, and he always did them with utmost perfection. He knew his business better than anyone in the world. This meant that there was trouble in paradise, or at least that was how I perceived it.
My first thought was to go straight to him and ask him, what the hell was going on; maybe to throw that ruined cocktail straight in his face. The energy of the moment had taken me over, but then I allowed myself a few moments to process the whole scene again. I soon realized that to make a scene was the worst decision I could make. It could jeopardize my relationship with Alexandros for the stupidest of reasons.
As a result, I walked back to the bar to try and talk to him and to find out what was going on. I didn’t expect a specific reaction from him, I just wanted to talk and feel his vibe at that moment.
With my cocktail in my right hand, I stood up and I walked through the crowd. I hoped I would find him quickly but Alexandros had vanished without a trace when I finally arrived at the bar.
‘Is this the surprise he spoke about?’ I wondered for a moment, but I knew that it wasn’t. It was too nasty if that were to be the case.
Insistent by nature, I could not stand the fact that I could not get hold of him, so I asked one of his colleagues. That would take him appear out of the rabbit hole, as he could not hide his way out of it. I was right about that thought, and you couldn’t imagine the wide smile on my face when Alexandros finally appeared. My mouth stretched from ear to ear, but I couldn’t say the same thing about him.
Alexandros looked rather bored and irritated, but in fact, he was angry and bitter with jealousy … I would find that out a tad later.
“My cocktail is kinda weird don’t you think?” I said those words with a bit of fun and sarcasm here and there.
Alexandros did not get any of it unfortunately. In return, he threw me this chewing grunt that confused me further.
“It was okay, but I guess they messed it up on the way to your table,” he replied. I did not like his tone.
Secondly, I had no idea how a cocktail could be ruined on the way from the bar to the table … unless, of course the waiter spat in it or something, but I am sure that was not the case.
“Really? Is that the best excuse you can come up with, for acting like a jerk?” I said with a slightly amused voice.
I wanted to tease Alexandros, I had no intention of pissing him off. We were the closest thing to what I would call lovers, and I did not want to mess things up between us. Well, I had another thing coming.
“A Jerk? Me? I am not rubbing against anyone back here.”
Ouch, that burnt … really bad and it reached right to my heart. For a moment, I had no reaction as I tried to figure out what I had done wrong, but the rubbing thing led me back to the dance floor where I shared a few moves with that same exotic stranger.
Nothing sinful if you ask me, but it looked like it had hurt someone’s feelings without me even realizing it. Alexandros turned his back on me then and he pretended to wash some glasses, but I knew he mocked me. He wanted to avoid my eyes at all cost as he could not look me in the eye. His bad luck as I did not plan to let things rest that way… I had way bigger plans.
“Hey handsome!” I whispered, so only he could hear me. His black work shirt was stretched tightly on his wide shoulders; pretty sexy if you ask me, especially since I preferred to admire my prey from the back; a little bit of stalking, if I might say.
He ignored me. His ego was obviously too big to give in so easily, and the reality was, Alexandros loved the game and he would play hard to get to the fucking limit. He loved to tease me and he would torture me in the nastiest ways possible if he had the chance. I was in for it; don’t get me wrong, I loved the game myself, but sometimes he drove me crazy … in a good way, of course.
“Are you gonna pretend I am not here for the rest of the night, or is this is just one of your innocent little games?”
The words came out of my mouth with a special sensuality attached to them. I could feel him giggling slightly despite having his back to me. Fuck me, I knew I had reached all the soft spots on him, right there, right then. The colourful flashing lights inside the club blinded my eyes whenever they hit me straight up and the music had become slightly louder. I am not saying it was deafening, but that it gave Alexandros a good excuse to pretend he had not heard me. I knew this little sexy devil had heard every single word that came out of my mouth, but he pretended he hadn’t.
“All right …” I mumbled to myself right before I dropped the bomb. I knew that I would make his fucking heart stop for a moment and that was exactly what I aimed to do.
“I shall get back to that dance floor then, those handsome steeds are already waiting for me.”
I turned my back on him and I pretended to take one step away from the bar, and then I heard his heavy breathing at the back of my neck.
“Don’t you dare make a move.”
Alexandros threw the whiskey glass under the bar, almost smashing it to pieces and with that same hand that was free, he grabbed my right shoulder and pulled me back towards him. Shit, I felt as if I was pulled by a tornado. I did not have time to think about anything or even blink.
In a split second he had covered my mouth with his. I lost my breath instantly, yet the thing that ‘suffered’ the most was my heart, which started to race as if there was a madhouse inside my chest. That powerful suction rewired my brain in an instant and I craved for more. Alexandros tried to pull back at one point, but I was on a high roll, and I instantly jumped in for round two.
“You’re mine!” I grinned and I fucking grabbed his head with both my hands and smashed my lips against his. I would suck up his soul if it was possible, damn.
I was so hooked up in our little romantic moment, that I did not even notice that some other guy was right behind me to buy something. Heck, I could care less about what others wanted as long as I had Alexandros right there in my hands, unable to escape.
A restless grunt that was close to a nudge came from behind me and that was when our second round ended. I turned my head slowly. My eyes were filled with surprise at this point and with a puppy eyed look I said, “What?”
This tall Scottish looking man looked at me with a disgusted gaze. I presumed that he was from Scotland as his hair was red and his face was almost covered in tiny freckles. There was a certain sexiness about his somewhat exotic look, but that presented no interest for me. I had not come to Mykonian City pub to catch something as my prey had been safely secured in my net from a year back. Of course, I am talking about Alexandros, my handsome Greek fantasy.
I moved away eventually, and let the red haired gentleman order whatever he wanted to drink. I couldn’t have cared less about it, so I grabbed my phone and I checked the latest tweets while Alexandros did his thing. I did not want to look too obsessed or like a control freak; yeah quite ironic as I was in for a nasty surprise along the way …
As soon as the drinks were served, I turned to Alexandros who seemed to have had a whole attitude change; those kisses had changed the chemistry between us.
“So, at your place tonight or mine?” I winked, and that spurred a slight smile in him.
I guess he could already picture the action in his mind, and he definitely liked what was about to happen.
“I don’t know…”
This mumble came out a few seconds later; it looked as if he could not decide on a final destination. As for me, I couldn’t care less where we went as long as we went somewhere, together, of course.
“So, it’s up to me.” I added with a sexual grin on my face.
Things had already become steamy between us, and I could not help but count the fucking hours that had to pass until his shift was over. It if were up to me, I would’ve left the club that very moment, but you know, people must work too, to earn a living.
With nothing else to do, I had to suck it up and wait. I don’t know why the hell it happens, but the more you wait hungrily for something, the worse the passing of time feels. This fucked up relativity of things killed me that night, and it did it as slowly as hell.
I felt like the prisoner of a forsaken goddess who drew her power and pleasure from tormenting poor souls who hoped for just a little bit of ecstasy. The worst part was that Alexandros would finish his shift at around six a.m. I had close to six hours left to wait. I had to endure the torture no matter what.
You can imagine that for the rest of the night I was nothing but a good ‘boy’. I only ordered with him and I danced every now and then when a song I liked popped up … I did all the dancing alone though, as I knew that I had a keen eye that always lurked behind my back. Whenever a handsome man approached me to ask me for a dance, I gently turned him down and returned to my Alexandros.
The place was packed with people who were looking for a good time. At some point, the air felt as if it was not breathable anymore, so I would go outside for a breath of fresh air. I quickly came back in though, as I didn’t want Alexandros to get worried about me.
5 Stars
Wow - 14.02.2021
P. K.

Good job. Got to read this book by recommendation. Will there be a continuation?

5 Stars
exciting, funny & humorous - 08.12.2020

Great Book! Easy to read. Definitely recommendable!

5 Stars
Can’t wait to read the next version of this talented writer - 28.10.2020

Despite I'm not much of a reader, this writer managed to captivate me from start to finish. The story is written very recognizable and has a very exciting storyline with a surprising ending. I can't wait for the sequel.

5 Stars
Surprised - 28.10.2020
Steph Miller

I love reading books from new authors. Very good written with a lot of Drama happening. I loved it. Hope it will continue….

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