The Law of Reflection

The Law of Reflection

AG Venera

Format: 13.5 x 21.5 cm
Number of Pages: 124
ISBN: 978-3-99064-069-2
Release Date: 11.12.2018
'The Law of Reflection' is a must-read for anyone struggling with life, loss or love. You will see that there is a light; there is a way out and there is hope. God will see you through if you let Him in.
What you are about to learn will not only shock you, but it will blow you away, shut off your all-knowing mind and turn your life back in the right direction. This is the answer to why you are where you are in life right now; why things happen to you; what your options are for happiness and success; is prosperity a privilege only for the chosen one?; who decides your destiny; why you need to delete the past; how to live in the moment, projecting the future; how to turn any pain into gain; how to find the greatest opportunity in your worst problems; what it takes to create the life you can’t wait to wake up for; how to always soar in blue sky unaffected by the crises and disasters around you; how to dramatically improve your energy level gaining unshakable confidence; how to increase your altitude and fly above the competition; how to get the unthinkable and the unimaginable done; how to win everywhere you go; how to be who God created you to be and not who others want you to be; how to win not only at life, but the favor of the most powerful force in the Universe and love your Creator with an Everlasting Love.

Here I AM to Praise GOD!
The Alfa and the Omega of all things
The Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit
For the love and tender care
Since I was in the womb of my mom
For taking me through life on the palm of His Hands
Standing in a silent awe today
My heart is overwhelmed with unspeakable gratitude
For all the marvelous work God has done
Not only in my life but in the lives of family and friends
The Hand of God touched exceedingly and beyond
All expectations the world of everyone I know
In such a way only He is able to.
Glory and Victory be to God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!
Today I’m giving Thanks to God for my family
Where I received the greatest lessons in life
For each one of you who crossed my path and
Enriched the every aspect of my awesome life
Thank you God, for every loving person
When I needed Love and support
For enlightening the way and giving me
The eyes to see opportunity in every problem
To look for the stars at night and
To comprehend the Universe as far as
My Imagination could take me
To accept and love
The reality and the people the way they are
To face the challenge of the Whole
To perceive that there is no suffering in the light of
God’s Sovereignty, but Peace, Joy
And enormous Thriving
Thank you God, for opening my eyes for your Love
For I devote the rest of my life to your Word
Will and Glory!
In Jesus name I pray AMEN!!!


Congratulations on your choice and readiness to accomplish a modern lifestyle coherent with a time of much information and rapid changes in technologies, science and every aspect of life. Today people are capable of progressing much faster than the generations before. My thoughts are about how to obtain self-knowledge, pre-program the sub-consciousness, unfold the hidden potential of love and happiness each one of us received with the breath of life, recognize God as the only divine intelligence that’s available to reinforce health, love, strength, and prosperity in every aspect of Life.
I would love to be your close friend and daily inspiration at the time of transformation helping you to discover new ways to yourself and guiding you toward love and wisdom to secure freedom and independence to a Life you can’t wait to wake up to.
This book will clarify the mind, unlock the hidden potential, elevate the spirit, and happily impact every day of your life by learning how to draw wisdom and knowledge from our Creator and His Universal forces. Learning why we struggle with so many health and financial problems, broken relationships and loneliness can totally change the way we think and act.
We all know God is love. We are happy when in love and feel good when we are loved. Loving and being in love is the most powerful thing in the world. Love heals, love saves, love create. Love does miracles not only for the people we love, but most of all for ourselves. Love protects us like a shield giving us strength to grow. Love is thriving, love is energy that penetrates all, love recognizes no barriers. Love rules the Universe and it’s the Almighty flow of life. Love will bring you blessings, health and a new heart. Real love hurts no one love is life. This God’s size love exists in each one of us. All we need to do is look in our soul for the inherent treasure of love and learn how to use it.
With the precious gift of life, God gave us the full authority over our lives and the right to make choices. I know that there is no life without God and I learned that there are situations in life no one can escape without the super natural power of the Almighty. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, but let me tell you something, it’s never too late to turn your life around and look for guidance from God. Finding God is the most exciting moment in life, letting God into your life is the most important moment, and following God is the best thing you can ever do for yourself and your loved ones.
At the very moment when you learn to love, trust and follow God, you’ll recognize His powerful presence in your life and find yourself as the only key to a happy and meaningful life. God is always here for us without exceptions, it doesn’t matter how bad things look like, or what’s our current situation. Without agreement with God He can’t do anything, but loving us from a distance. Like the Sun, He is “shining” for each one of us, but it’s our choice to stay on the inside of our “castle” of negativity or to go out and enjoy the benefits of our relationship with God.
The question is do you think you can go through life on your own only, or you’re willing to open your heart and let God make the best of it. You hold the key for all blessings and the choice is yours. God was, He is, and He will always be here available to anyone who is ready to love, trust, and follow Him.
Here I would like to share with you how to eliminate pain and overthrow problems with the power within and rise above them by focusing on your desires with love and peace. Your energy level, confidence, and enthusiasm will enormously increase. You’ll experience life as magic, gain respect and happiness, succeed at will. You’ll realize that abundance and happiness are available to everyone without any limitations because the power of real love exists in you.

“Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. ?For this reason mastery demands all of a person.”
Albert Einstein

Have the courage to jumpstart your life with powerful enthusiasm and start dreaming now. Have self-confidence and firm belief that you’re on the way to make all your dreams come true, and you will be amazed by the results because the best is now to come. Believe! Stand up for yourself. Stop blaming God or anybody else for anything you don’t like in your life. Advance yourself in a sophisticated world drifting on an ocean of information and make the impossible possible.
I don’t understand the motivational speakers when they teach how to create reasonable and realistic goals that you believe you can achieve. I must say, set up your goals on the unrealistic, unimaginable, unbelievable, unthinkable, impossible, unachievable, unpredictable, anything that contradict the intellect in any possible way and prove everybody wrong. God gave you the conscious power of love to rule over your mind, body, and spiritual world of imagination. Use it to the fullness and watch God changing your world.
You don’t have to agree or believe anything I say, but with genuine curiosity and a thirst for change shout out to the Universe “I Love You!” then wait with a child-like expectancy for the terrific “Echo” of the Cosmos. Every thought you wholeheartedly think and word you affectionately shout out will come back to you enormously multiplied. A loving Universe will respond and will give you a lot more than you expected. Take off on a fascinating journey through the Cosmos to find out that there is a living God passionately waiting for you to connect and fall in love with.
Accept the fact that they are things in life you can accomplish on your own or with the help of family and friends, but most of life’s challenges, you neither control nor have the power to overcome on your own, with family or with all the connections you have. Each one of us in a lifetime faces one or more situations in which we need good luck, miracle, something extraordinary or supernatural to happen to survive. Illnesses, unemployment, addictions; any kind of problems and situations on different scales you have been involved with other people; natural disasters as tornados, hurricanes, earthquake; acts of terrorism, war, any kind of crises – all of them inescapable in a natural way are absolutely escapable with God. Because God loves you, the Earth and the Universe will love you also. He will move you around and keep you unharmed and let Glory be to God. Nothing that people created can stay in God’s way. He will melt down borders for you, take down walls and fly you everywhere you want to, if you only love and trust Him. God is the Alfa and the Omega; He is the First and the Last. You will not only escape and overcome any circumstances, but you’ll know the answer before even the question pops up. You’ll gain from the power of God and come out with nothing less than victory and triumph of God’s love. All battles belong to the Lord. If you love, trust, and follow God, He will step by step reveal His plan for you. You’ll receive exceedingly above and beyond all that you ask or think for, because of the power within.
Loving and trusting God will transform your energy taking your consciousness to a higher level where the oneness of all things exists. You will gravitate toward God. On consciousness level, in the invisible realm of energy flow you’ll be streaming in an ocean of information of all – consciousness and matter, reaching the shield of the Law of Conservation. On energy level, subconsciously, unconsciously, or consciously, you’ll be able to “read” between the lines, “hear” the voice of God, and “see” through His eyes what’s right for you and the law will always keep you safe. It is the universal flow of high consciousness which you’ll become part of that will take care of you all the time.
I remember a dream I had long time ago in such details like it was last night. I was in an underground bunker witnessing a nuclear test. I heard a command over the message speaker, a loud man’s voice, saying to remain inside the bunker because a nuclear test will be performed. I heard the explosion and felt the shaking ground like an earthquake in my sleep. Over the next couple days I was asking everyone I talked to if they felt any earthquake because I remember few in my life time and some of them were pretty strong. None of my family or friends felt any earthquake. My uncle said, “It was probably a small earthquake you felt in your sleep and that’s why you had this dream”.
I don’t know, if I was subconsciously acting under the influence of that loud command I heard in my dream, but for some reason my son, a little boy at that time, made me so mad that I kept him playing at home and he wasn’t allowed to play outside with his friends for more than a week. Even his birthday didn’t make my heart soft and I kept my restrictions despite his dearly supplications and apologize. It turned out to be a big deal because my whole family turned against me for being so strict and unyielding. I was raging around and driving myself crazy without measure.
Two weeks later, out of nowhere, a close friend of my family, Director of Hygiene Epidemiological Institute at that time, told my mom in secret about the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and he warned us to not consume any greens and milk until everything was cleared. There was nothing in the news for a couple of weeks, but then it turned out that the date and the time of the Chernobyl explosion matched the night I had that dream. The time I restricted my boy from playing outside and kept him at home was the time when the wave of radiation passed by. Without even knowing what was going on I was subconsciously moved to do the right thing.
Today I know and I can declare with the hand on my heart that God was protecting me and my child at the time of tragedy. Once you bound in love with God even unconscious, sick or irresponsive, God will always send His angels to carry you out of any danger to a safer place because you belong to Him. Your love and trust in Him will win you a place on His territory; you’ll make it through any situation in life because you’ll be God’s precious property. The Hand of the Almighty will be always upon you, if you don’t give up and turn your back on God.

“He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.” Psalms 91:4

In our world God is acting through the Holy Spirit. By being pure and easy in spirit you will channel and preserve the Holy Spirit in you. Love and trust in God will keep you in the high frequency zone of energy, where the Holy Spirit dwells, under His “wings”. Accepting Jesus Christ as Son of God will hit the “DELETE” button of all sin and qualify you for eternal life with God. The blood of the Son paid for the Grace of God and the blessing to live a prosperous life for the Glory of the Father and the Son. Through our relationship with Jesus we’re forgiven and accepted to return and live with our Creator.
God’s love yearns for each one of us. By learning how to love others as God loves us will open the gate of heavens for blessings. Accepting all people and loving them unconditionally just the way they are, consciously growing above any resistance, will elevate your energy frequency and open your whole being for the Holy Spirit to flow through. You both will become one inseparable spiritual entity. The Holy Spirit will act through you leading you in His ways no matter what. You will be no more under the law, but under the Spirit.
Can anyone separate you from God? Of course not! No one can snatch you from God’s hand, because you are dwelling on a different energy level than theirs. This two are like parallels which will never cross. We’re talking here dimensional differences and stages of development of our consciousness. Lower consciousness can’t interfere with high consciousness. What you’ll be able to see, hear and feel is inaccessible for people with lower consciousness unless they change and grow consciously through love. No one is condemned to stay in the low frequency zone and the heart of God is wide open for everyone. He loves us equally. But for us to reach a full conductivity of the Holy Spirit we must acknowledge God and learn to love others as He loves us.
For me it simply means to love people as Jesus loves me. From what I know Jesus was sent by God to show us how to live and love to find our way back to God, because God overflows with love and He wants us to live with Him. If we learn to equally and unconditionally love people, God’s love will open the Heaven on Earth for us. It’s up to us to reach out to God and His high standards. Expanding our consciousness through love and adopting a new way of thinking will purify our spirit and we’ll be able to make our way out to the highest frequency zone of the Holy Spirit.
It’s the law of physics and metaphysics. We are powerful electromagnetic beings streaming energy with different frequencies, but only our love to God and the unconditional love to others can raise the energy frequency level and conscious awareness to qualify us as God’s property. We are the ones who need to consciously stretch, expand, and grow by cultivating love to God and unconditional love to each other.
And here is how I, who was raised in an atheistic family, found my way to God when I didn’t even know the Bible existed. God not only healed the wounds of the sad and unhappy child I was, but He took me on the palms of His hands on the most amazing life journey ever. Exactly when I thought that nobody wanted me, as a little girl I discovered God pouring His love and light all over me. I fall in love with Him and became so attached as everything was depending on God and letter I realized it really does. Every time somebody was saying, this can’t be done, God was whispering on the inside,” Dig here, go for it!” Listening to God and looking for His truth, but not what others say or do was and it will be always my first choice. God was, He is and He will be my Father, my eternal confidant and advisor. God opened my eyes for the truth and helped me find love even in my family because I couldn’t see it on my own. His love shined on every corner of my soul warming up my heart with understanding and compassion to those around me. In one moment I figured out that the whole Universe was smiling at me. Little by little I learned to relay on God as He teach me to see people and situations from different points of view and that changed everything. I was placing myself in the position of those around me trying to find the reason for their hurt. For variety of reasons many people lack the ability to step in other people’s shoes or they just don’t care for others, but almost everyone can step in a child shoes just because we all remember our childhood. Starting with small steps and consistence will get us great results. Learning to leave our circumstances and place us in the position of others as often as possible will make us more compassionate and kind to each other. It will eliminate the resistance and develop the mentality of oneness.
Another huge help to accept people the way they are was that, I’m always looking for the good in others and in the situations. No matter how bad some people behave there is always something good in every person.
I remember a student from my elementary school class who was such a wild and naughty boy that no teacher could stand him and all of them were looking for a way to get rid of him and suspend him from class. Then later in the middle school one of the teachers found a way to the heart of this boy and changed his life forever. She simply asked him to assist her in class and collect the home work from the students. She trusted him for important class tasks and started sending notes to his parents how good he was in helping her. I think, if we look with our heart, there is always something good to be appreciated in every person. Bringing out the good sides and talents in others will always be rewarded. On the other hand this bad class situation turned out to be the good field of improvement of our teacher who was publicly rewarded for her achievement.

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