Ulrich Ndilira Rotam

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Chrology is the science of all sciences the literature of all literatures. It incorporates all the physical sciences such as mathematics, cosmology, physics, chemistry, and astronomy into one unified theory.

My name is Ulrich Ndilira Rotam; I am a researcher in physics and cosmology. I conducted my research on the different parts of this book that deal with the universe in its immense extent, in a very solitary and complicated field for over eighteen years of inquiry.

The research has been conducted in a generalized way on several domains to understand if there is a single law that governs all sciences, all literary studies, our existence, and all our knowledge on different generalities in a single model.

This model explains all the different areas of presence in the universe within in the face of all the studies that we have undertaken and acceded to throughout human progress.

This research and study have led me to discover a simple and absolute law in its originality that governs the presence of all existence in the universe in a complex way according to the space, existence, time, and our scalable factors.

To carry out this research, I spent a very difficult time in my life looking for a path that should lead me on a simple, free, and deep way to safely manage and conduct my inquiries and quests, but the different systems already on site do not help me let go of my way and my curiosity.

Finally, it’s a great fight that I led all these years alone. If I let myself go to a specialized study, I would never arrived on this complex road and I would be lost because the universe never gives us its secrets on a specialized study but rather gives us a thin clarification on a small part of everything his secret is carrying.

All the efforts I have made, with a sincere curiosity and a deep envy, in the respect of all those who exist, seen, studied, in our world have thirsted me to go through and seek to understand the substance of all the studies described by man and try to measure if there is a single order that exists, and which must govern everything in the face of the realities of the whole universe.

Consequences, these guided me on an exaggeratedly complicated and extraordinary road. All my life has been concerned with more works of calculations, and extensive research work, very complicated to understand the basics of each scientific study, the basics of the different fields of literary studies, and religious that we have so far.

Those took me, to go through and dig deeply several works and phenomena on different eras of our eras of existences, and evolutions with serious questions, to know more face the original realities, the universe possess in its immense way.

I finally went through several documents and several works of great scientists, great geniuses, great writers, great philosophers, great chemists and physicists, great mathematicians, great universal conventions, laws of domination, different scientific disciplines artistic, literary, religious etc. to conduct my quests.

The pressure is very difficult to be free and enter this broad field of cosmological visions to understand it, with a simple law. I finally created a tunnel in which I feel free and I allowed myself to go further, with the thought and the mathematical tools in the different confines of all our different systems and existences in the universe which are governed by very complex natural laws and very simple natural laws.

All these steps have finally opened to me and access to a door of clear and simple comprehension, of the whole universe in its gigantic whole and in its deep tiny confines, described by CHROLOGY. Several works that have been undertaken and carried out by great researchers, great scientists and great geniuses of our planet at different times have allowed me to advance in these extraordinary quests of research.

I thank all humanity any intellectual purpose and especially all those who contributed to a more exceptional reflection on our world, and on the different parts of the universe, that this great genius of all the geniuses, the absolute designer of this extraordinary system of everything, of all the time, of the whole space, of all existence and all presences allow us to reach.

In my lonely freedom, inside this tunnel containing more gigantic roads, more tiny, more complex, extraordinary, absurd and even scary, I was very scared and I was ready to abandon my work several times, but especially the efforts and the courage to continue in my deepest curiosity as a human being helped me a lot not to give up, but to continue to go further in my research, to corroborate several hypotheses with new techniques of apprehension and new visions more natural and original in this tunnel configures very near or very far, for the quest for a single and simple law that describes the whole universe in a whole, facing our different disciplines and our different evolutions that the physics sciences and other disciplines are unable to answer etc.

I wanted in this book, and the editions that will follow to show and to share with my readers, all those that this complex system presents us and allows us to access according to our evolution with our intelligence, our different properties, formulas, law, axioms, conventions, efforts, etc. according to original realities, to be able to understand it and access it without modifying it.

All these studies show exactly how all those who are material or existences must appear in the whole universe. Being the result of a very broad and very complicated research path, these results are named in a new name: CHROLOGY.
CHROLOGY is the typical model of vision, of understandings, of original descriptions of the whole universe and its systems, facing all our intelligence and our K factors of existence.

CHROLOGY is the theory of the unification of all human knowledge, the physics of all physics, the literature of all literatures, and so on in a unique model, to represent and understand in an original way the whole universe in its different faces of existences and its different synchronizations, on all the geometry of its dimensional structure.

These results of research and studies are not to vex, or to thwart the world. But it is rather to contribute and explain with new methods, all those that the entire system of the universe allows us to access, understand and use to the limit that escapes our standard methods.

To clarify this new vision to my readers, we must understand that we are only a small part, of another part, that exists in several other parts of this wonder at the tiny scale, or at the gigantic scale that the designer has performed with immeasurable beauty to our scale.

To read about this entire complex expanse in every sense in the face of our intelligence and our K factor of existence, we are very insignificant with our progress and our knowledge, to detect the complete mystery of the whole universe.

I have spent more than 18 years looking, studying and investigating all our progress and know-how in every way to compare it to how much percent we are for the quest for a simple theory or law, which should serve us in the static and total understanding of the universe. But the result is very scary, and very far from those we expected.

Writing a book or producing the results of in-depth research of the absolute understanding of the universe that is seen and understood from different angles and different doctrines is a Titanic work, very complicated and difficult with several contradictions, but the technology of the Internet helped me a lot in this huge investigation during the past ten (10) years in my quest.

This book opens to us a new way and a new conception to add to all our knowledge to realize and understand how the absolute mystery, the immeasurable beauties and the complexities, of the whole universe must present itself to our access with a unique law.

This book is also presented in its unique model, with several new terms, introducing the facts and phenomena which were missing from our standard models to describe and explain the universe.
We must focus in his deep explanations to fully understand the novelty that he presents under its different principles on the existence of domains, which is available to us for its existence described by CHROLOGY, to help us advance in the quest of deep explanations of all its existence and perceptions, which were missing in our languages, our formulas, our technical progress etc.

Without however in any way, if the different representations and in-depth explanations of Chrology in this book and the subsequent editions, demonstrating the consequences of representation and complex understanding, of the whole universe with some of its aspects of which we sum unable to explain all its simplicity, can hurt or touch someone, an organization, a doctrine etc. in their world of understandings, we apologize deeply, because the desire that being human to seek to understand the mystery of the universe, and the many questions that elude us is a multiple and profound cause of the realities that must touch us .

Several editions and several conferences will follow this first part to develop and clarify the deep meanings of Chrology to the public in its original aspect.

Chrology will completely change the way we view nature and all our achievements with new methods, which will allow access to many discoveries and innovations.

<< We live on a very simple model that appears flexibly on its five worlds to deeply confuse us to his full understanding and his origin if we are in one of these complex presences >>
Ulrich Ndilira Rotam


In the concepts currently admitted, scientific progress is the key that allows us to detect certain mysteries, certain truths and certain absolute enigmas of the universe, opposite to our human thoughts, with great rigors of logic, calculations and truths at the scale of our understandings present in many parts of our accessible universe.

In our universal human realities to access and understand the different phenomena, the different constituents which form and govern the whole universe, we must show them with the physical sciences, mathematics and so on. Using several parameters in nature, which we ourselves are part of and at the end all must be visible, concrete, logical, real and specially all our sense organs allow us to grasp, feel and recognize the facts before our world accepts these descriptive ideas and optimizes them in the classical concepts of our visual and real cosmos, to use them for the quest for absolute understanding of the different mysteries present in its complex set which we will describe in Chrology.

It is the absolute knowledge of phenomena and existences of the facts of the universe obeying laws and verified by our experimental methods. But the whole universe is described by very complicated laws and by very easy laws, which some of our experimental methods are unable to explain.

Every existence in the universe is governed by a law of evolution. Time and space contain and accompany every system towards its evolution. But from the smallest to the most gigantic system in perpetual evolution, no one has yet to allow and to understand a complete system that shows all the secrets of the universe.

Our existence and simple understanding in the universe allow us to perceive the world in many ways after passing vision and other senses to the brain for interpretation. But on the complexity of the whole scale of understanding the universe, in our fields of vision and other sense organs, in relation to our brains, our computers and the instrumental materials that we have designed to obtain, analyze and verify results, then to classify in our human knowledge without however modifying the concepts, on all its originality, constitute an abstract representation and also a very complicated answer to correctly interpreted because we are included in this part and each function of the time elapses takes us on other mysteries discovered and we continue riddles from enigmas to enigmas.

Therefore, all our knowledge bases are not free, and we evolve challenges into disputes, from one group to another, from one doctrine to another, from one society to another, from one religion to another, from one race to another, from one interest to another, and so on.

<< The ones I look at are not exactly the ones you are looking at; only the universal conventions allow us to see and say the same things >>
Ulrich Ndilira Rotam.

We are very far from the deep and absolute understanding of all the systems that exist throughout the cosmos.

Man possesses his brain and his sense organs, with the different devices of visions, measurements, studies, etc. and mathematical formulas that allow us to look at the simple or complex compounds present in the universe and the artificial products in our environment to describe them on the scale of our knowledge with the different exact and applied sciences that we possess.

All these methods evolve according to our existence and there will be new techniques in the future that are better than in the past and the present because everything evolves.
These methods and techniques allow us to take a very small step towards an absolute quest for total understanding of our existence and absolute knowledge of the entire universe.

The universe studies with several scientific disciplines with a unique logic, but very diversified and complex in its formulations.
If we are in the world of the tiny or in the world of macros, the different studies are done under different principles but to adopt it in the environment that has been attributed to it by nature.

The only order that exists is that each system is founded under a single base in its world irreversibly by generating actions that give rise to other systems, which engenders yet other actions that give other systems, up to the state where one apprehends to study it.

<< The great universal laws are simple to detect but it is the universal path that we have undertaken that takes us away from its capture and we must undertake many efforts to arrive at a simple concrete result >>
Ulrich Ndilira Rotam.

Looking at all the accessible elements that make up the universe with our eyes and vision devices of different technologies, we can classify them into two groups:


These groups can be seen with five (5) known dimensions on the set of twenty-one (21) for the whole universe described by Chrology:

Minimal (with length, width, height),
Extra small (with length, width, height),
Large (with length, width, height),
Extra-large (with length, width, height),
Normal (with length, width, height),

In the invisible group there are two appearances:


In more detail non-existence also contains two points:

Physical presence
Physical absence

The physical presence is an approach of a material existence (natural or artificial) that can be interpreted with laws, relations, properties, formulas, axioms, etc. in physics, mathematics, biology, and chemistry etc. accessible to man.

Physical absence is an approach to a null existence, of which no material presence (natural or artificial) can be recorded and interpreted by laws, relations, properties, formulas, axioms, etc. in physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology etc.

All these elements are interpreted by our conscience and intelligence, in the face of the realities that the whole cosmos presents to us and allows access without modifying it.

It is in this way that our existence allows us to access and understand, with the help of our sense organs, our instruments and our weapons of mathematical calculations centralized with our brain, to analyze several phenomena of nature and the daily problems etc. But so far there is a serious problem: many facts and mysteries in the universe, others gathered around us, others far in our fields of vision, others completely out of access to our world etc. we escape in our conventions that we do not have the means and the total access for the detected ones mastered and checked them to understand with certainty the real answers to some of its questions:


In the existence of cosmic mosses, parallel bubble universes, superclusters of galaxies, clusters of galaxies, galaxies, our solar system, the sun, our presence, our eyes, our tiny objects, molecules, atoms, quarks, universal interactions of the quantum void, the theory of general relativities, string theories, theories of cosmic inflation, the big bang theory, the theory of dark matter etc.
5 Stars
Great work and excellent book for the universe knowledge. - 14.03.2023
James Aubourg. IRICCS

This book explains the realities of the hidden component of the universe. The next following version needs to be available. Also, this remarkable work needs more attention and assistance to provide more to humanity.

5 Stars
Excellent Work done by the researcher - 31.03.2022
Jeremy Braxton

This book is more than we expected, profound, and very important on the statutes of the universe understanding. We encourage the author (researcher in physics and cosmology) to publish the following editions.

5 Stars
Excellent - 15.02.2020

Excellent book and need to get the following editions

5 Stars
Excellent - 15.02.2020

Excellent book and need to get the following editions

5 Stars
Excellent - 15.02.2020

Excellent book and need to get the following editions

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